Datto SIRIS 2 Backup Insights (exclusive update)

by Oct 30, 2014Business Continuity

Datto SIRIS 2 Backup Insights – Backup Analytic Tool

The Datto SIRIS 2 Backup Insights tool allows you to compare the difference in change between two snapshots and determine what file/files have changed between the two selected backups.

Have you ever tried to find a folder that was deleted and you needed to know when? Have you ever had to figure out which files were affected by a virus. Datto SIRIS 2 Backup Insights allows for incredible insight into the inner workings of your data change between different snapshots. You can also track trends over time to see what files have been created, modified or deleted.

If your backups are tending to be larger in size than expected, this tool allows a side by side snapshot comparison.

Datto SIRIS 2 Backup Insights

How To

From the Datto SIRIS 2 UI, select the Advanced tab and the Backup Insights option in the drop down. Select your agent and which two recovery points to manage. Select Start Comparison and the two snapshots will be mounted via a restore and then presented together side by side.


By selecting the legend, you’ll get a small pop-up of what each symbol indicates for the changed files:


By default, the Backup Insights excludes the Windows directory for any OS volume. You can choose to have the restore rebuilt with that volume included by simply selecting the Windows folder.

A prompt will return asking for confirmation of this action:


You’ll then be presented with a view of the changed files within the Windows directory. This may take longer to rebuild this comparison.


You also have the option of downloading files directly from this interface as well if you desired to see both files and the granular modifications between them. Once you’re done viewing, simply select Close Backup Insights in the upper right corner of the screen to clean up the insights page.

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