Datto Reviews: Honest Feedback from Real Datto Users

by | Jun 7, 2017

Datto has been creating a lot of buzz in the world of business continuity over the past few years. But what are customers actually saying about the company’s data protection solutions? Today, we look at a roundup of Datto reviews to see how the company’s products are rated by customers around the world.

When making any technology investment, it’s critical to look past each company’s own marketing and get real feedback from actual users. Many companies will post reviews on their own websites, but chances are they aren’t including the negative feedback. To find out the truth, it’s a good idea to search for reviews across a wide variety of sources, such as:

  • Third-party review websites
  • Online forums focused on business continuity or managed service providers (MSPs)
  • Reputable news sources and tech articles

What to Look for

Product reviews are far more insightful when you approach them with a plan. If you don’t know what types of information you’re hoping to gather, you could spend hours sifting through hundreds of reviews and end up feeling more overwhelmed than informed.

Before you begin, determine what you really want to uncover within the reviews. Here are some specific questions to consider as they relate to business-continuity solutions:

  • How do the products perform vs. what the company claims in their marketing?
  • What flaws or failures were unexpected?
  • How might those flaws impact your own disaster-recovery objectives?
  • How similar is your infrastructure and/or business continuity plan to the reviewer’s?
  • How successful were the products in helping administrators achieve their RTO/RPO?
  • Does the reviewer have experience with competitors’ products that you’re also considering for your company? If so, how do they compare?
  • Have systems been put to the test in a real-world disaster situation?

With these questions in mind, you can determine from the reviews how a product might meet (or fail to meet) your expectations.

Additionally, by checking the reviews for infrastructure-specific information, when available, you can better predict whether your implementation would experience the same flaws (or strengths).

Datto Reviews

So, what are IT professionals saying about Datto specifically? We’ve compiled a wide range of Datto reviews, from outside sources as well as our own customers here at Invenio IT, to help guide you in your technology decision.

As you look through these Datto reviews, keep in mind that things move fast in the tech world. In the last year alone, Datto has made big advancements in other areas of BCDR, including cloud-based networking, ransomware protection and cloud-based file sync and share (FSS). So if you want to know the latest specs and features, be sure to contact us or Datto for the most up-to-date information.

“The Backup Solution to Use”

We use Datto in house to back up our data. We have 13 servers being backed up hourly by an SP2000 device which we have had for several years. We find this image based solution the best solution when it comes to backups. Not only can we go back to restores every hour, but we can go back to the first image we created of the server. Granted, this is not an archive as some people view backups. That’s a whole different ballgame, but for what it is, Datto gives us peace of mind that our data is backed up consistently and properly. Pros: Great imaged based backup, hourly incrementals for very granular restore capabilities, Good support.

  • Rob Rotundo, Professional Computer Associates (Read more at Trust Radius)


“Saved the day in many emergencies.”
The Datto SIRIS is simply the most important device in our network rack. This ingenious device has saved the day in many emergencies while migrating files and making hardware upgrades. There is peace of mind and insurance in knowing the Datto SIRIS has you covered with a local and cloud backup for emergency recovery and data security.

  • Ron Rizzi, Ballenisles Community Assn, Delray FL (Invenio IT customer)


“We use Datto to back up our entire environment.”

We use the Datto SIRIS 2 to backup our entire environment. You can restore from the file level, bare metal, plus in emergencies, you can virtualize a server that’s gone dead while you’re waiting on repair from the local NAS appliance. Then you add cloud replication into the mix and it’ll take the end of the world to lose your data.

  • Spiceworks user: jermcool9, Healthcare industry (Read more at Spiceworks)

“Far more capabilities and easier to use”

Our Datto device is used to backup all IT servers. This includes our onsite Exchange server, MSSQL server and file server. It covers a variety of physical and virtualized servers. The Datto covers our backup and disaster recovery requirements and gives us far more capabilities than our previous solution while also being far easier to use … Onsite virtualization enabled us to continue to operate while a replacement server was setup. Without the Datto, our previous solution [would not have been able] to help us out in the interim. The downtime would have cost us far more than the annual cost of the Datto.

  • Matthew Fex, IT Systems Administrator, Johnson Level & Tool (Read more at Trust Radius)


“A complete solution with near-instant recovery.”

We’ve moved far beyond the days when server backup typically meant crafting a schedule to rotate magnetic storage tapes …The Datto Siris 3 device supports creating instant virtual machines from backup images and the Datto cloud service allows you to create VMs in the cloud. This complete solution gives you near-instant recovery options regardless of the disaster scenario … If a natural disaster wipes out all your hardware, a local-only backup is useless. Datto provides you solutions to any scenario and can even ship a replacement Siris pre-loaded with your backup images. Datto Siris 3 can protect physical, virtual, and cloud servers by functioning as a physical, software and virtual appliance.

  • Mauricio Prinzlau, Tech Writer (Read more at CloudWards)


“Top notch”
The level of expertise and customer service associated with the Datto SIRIS solution has been top notch. They have gone above and beyond expectations to make sure that our data is being backed up and protected.

  • Jason Alexander, MPH2 Funding, Denver CO (Invenio IT customer)


“Bullet-proof backup.”

[Datto gives] small businesses the type of bulletproof backup that was available only to big corporations. The hardware and software built by Datto can capture a snapshot of a company’s entire IT system as often as every five minutes. Since the system sits on the customer’s premises and in the cloud, the company can get back up and running from anywhere.

  • Steven Bertoni, Tech Writer (Read more at Forbes)


“Great backup solution.”

Backups, once setup, are a breeze [with the Datto Virtual SIRIS]. We are able to restore files and whole servers in no time flat. Exporting data from the virtual appliance to the production network is so smooth. We have used the physical SIRIS platform as well, and the virtual performs just as well. Really fast restores [allow you to] maintain as little down time as possible when a server goes belly up or a user deletes data. Datto does a good job of streamlining the backup validation process too – we look at a dashboard everyday, and we can see if the backups were successful or not.

  • Matthew Beckert, Information Technology Professional (Read more at G2 Crowd)


“Get back up and running quickly.”

Datto helps SMBs get back up and running quickly in the event of a weather event like a hurricane (or any disaster) that could wipe out the offices, computers and on-site servers of a small business. Even companies using cloud services very likely have some on-premises servers and the service is designed to ensure business continuity when a disaster hits.

  • Ron Miller, Tech Writer (Read more at TechCrunch)


“Justified the cost within 30 days of install.”

The hybrid approach [of Datto’s solutions] was tested within 30 days of install and justified the project cost within 30 days of install. [If we could have,] We would have added this sooner and installed it first!

  • VP of Retail Technology (Read more at Gartner)


“The only business continuity solution to buy!”

Datto has saved us many hours of server rebuilding due to software corruption, multiple hard drive failures at one time, user deletion, you name it! Datto was able to perform a BMR (Bare Metal Restore) to dissimilar hardware, which was a 7 years newer server. They took over and got all of the drivers installed and really went the extra mile to help get [the company] on the new server that Dell replaced. Datto has had our back when it comes to having data available instantaneously!

  • Stana S., High Standard Security & Technology Inc. (Read more at G2 Crowd)


“Never had a restore fail.”

I’ve used several different Datto solutions, including SIRIS, ALTO, and the DIY version marketed to MSPs, and one thing I’ve always loved about them is their reliability – I’ve never had a restore fail, never had an offsite virtualization fail to start (or become corrupted), or otherwise give me a problem.

  • Joe Foran, IT Professional (Read more at Spiceworks)


“Backing up 10 TB.”

We are currently using the Datto SIRIS to back up about 10TB of data. This includes servers, virtual servers, and NAS devices. We keep a week of backups onsite with the unit and several weeks/months offsite. The Datto interface allows us to check the status of all backups at a glance which is extremely helpful. Pros: Centralized management of all backups, local and offsite syncs, local and cloud virtualization.

  • John Hamas, Director of IT, Amen Clinics, Inc. (Read more at Trust Radius)


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