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by Oct 21, 2015Business Continuity

Think you know Datto? Check out the complete Datto portfolio of products

Datto has come a long way since 2007 when Austin McChord began the company in his parent’s basement. The company is making waves in the business of backup and disaster recovery, establishing Datto as the “go-to” solutions in in the field. That said, while more and more people are familiar with the name, many do not have an understanding of the complete Datto portfolio of products. That said, here is a crash course, with more coming soon.

The Datto SIRIS business continuity solutions represent the best in protecting and restoring business critical servers and workstations. Based on demand, the range of SIRIS 2 solutions are broadened with three distinct lines that range more sizes and protection requirements. There are eight available field upgrades for total 11 different versions. New features include solid-state OS or cache drive, IPMI on rack mount units, and USB 3.0 for RoundTrips. Here’s how each SIRIS  solution differs:

SIRIS Business: Built for small businesses that don’t require a rack mounted unit but still want the unmatched Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of instant local virtualization. Clients as small as 500MB can grow their BDR to 2TB without a needing a replacement.

SIRIS Professional: Aimed at medium-sized businesses looking for the best in Business Continuity. Instant failover locally and in the cloud is accompanied by the fastest file and full disk restore as well as the most efficient nondependent backup chain on the planet. Just because a client has more data doesn’t mean management is any more difficult. Datto includes hotswappable drive bays and IPMI standard on all SIRIS Pro models as well as the ability to expand from 1TB to 5TB without a device replacement.

SIRIS Enterprise: SIRIS Enterprise is the most robust SIRIS 2 offering with dual Xeon E5 six cores standard and at least 32GB of RAM. Built for advanced virtualization and replication this machine operates all of Datto’s proprietary software at its best abilities. This device can run multiple virtualizations and be syncing to the cloud without any performance decrease. Start with the 5TB in a super-fast RAID 10 configuration and seamlessly upgrade to 36TB of storage without replacing the physical unit.

Datto has given SIRIS features like new motherboards, CPUs with built-in multithreading support and upgraded system software. These improvements result in dramatic increases in local virtualization performance. Datto put SIRIS to the test using the industry standard PCMark 7 suite of performance benchmarking tools. Compared with the existing S1000, the new SB1000 running a benchmark VM showed amazing advancements:

  • 60% increase in raw computational power
  • 45% increase in performance when using productivity apps
  • 170% increase in performance during I/O-intensive operations e.g. database read/writes

When Datto ALTO entered the market in April 2013 it forever changed the face of business continuity. For the first time, an enterprise-level business continuity solution was created specifically for small business, and it opened up new market opportunities for MSPs.

ALTO 2: ALTO 2 takes the best functionality of the original ALTO, combined with significant software and hardware upgrades, making it the most advanced business continuity appliance in the small business market. The product sports a brand new CPU, which is two times as fast, and a new motherboard that is more reliable and offers better support for Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology. The chassis is also redesigned to support dual gigabit NIC technology to enhance networking and restore processes. USB 3.0 ports are located on the front panel to speed up RoundTrip processes. It is definitively the most exciting business continuity solution for small business.

ALTO XL: The ALTO XL is the answer to any provider looking to leverage ALTO 2 technology for an opportunity larger than 1TB. We went above and beyond the request to make a larger ALTO 2 and added device features likes solid state OS drives and hot swap drive bays as well as software features likes Backup Insights and Hybrid Virtualization. New Features include:

  • RAID included on all models
  • Quad-Core CPU for fast backups and restores
  • Solid State OS Drive
  • Hot swappable drive bays for seamless field upgrades
  • USB 3.0 for RoundTrips
  • Backup Insights
  • Hybrid Virtualization

The newest member of the Datto solution family is Datto NAS. Datto NAS is the ultimate network storage solution and file sharing utility available on the market today. The Datto NAS is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that utilizes snapshotting to give the user the ability to track back versions and changes that have occurred across multiple shares. Datto NAS is simple in design and seamlessly interacts with Windows-based operating systems. Windows permissions translate to the share to allow protection across both platforms. You can even use the Datto NAS as a storage area network (SAN) in your IT infrastructure. The real advantage of Datto NAS is its unique hybrid-based approach, which opens the door for cloud restoration and management.

Datto NAS: This product can dramatically simplify a client’s IT infrastructure by taking the place of multiple systems in one. Until now NAS storage had never been sold as recurring revenue. Datto NAS integrates cloud storage, which opens solution providers to brand new revenue streams. Key Features of Datto NAS include:

  • Hybrid cloud based storage device that integrates with Windows systems
  • Incremental versioning
  • iSCSI VMware integration allows for simple SAN capabilities
  • Expandable storage
  • Instant local and cloud restores
  • RAID included on all models
  • Quad-Core CPU for fast backups and restores
  • Solid State OS Drive
  • Hot swappable drive bays for seamless field upgrades
  • USB 3.0 for RoundTrips
  • Snapshotting

We hope this brief history and introduction to the Datto portfolio of products was helpful. Stay tuned for the latest edition of the family soon–the DNA. Should you be interested in learning more about the Datto portfolio of products, please contact us for more information.

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