Datto makes big stride in combatting ransomware

October 27, 2016

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Tracy Rock

Director of Marketing @ Invenio IT
combatting ransomware

Datto makes big stride in combatting ransomware

by | Oct 27, 2016

Many try, but Datto is combatting Ransomware . . .and winning.

We have all seen the news, heard the stories and even know people who have been hit by ransomware. The number of ransomware attacks is soaring, with over four times the amount of attacks expected in 2016 versus YAG.

Of course, we all have tried to be proactive. There is a long list of things you can to help  protect your business. Perhaps you’ve dialed up security, are whitelisting applications and invest in training employees about how to avoid an attack. But, then what? It’s unfortunate, but then, you are essentially left to hope for the best as there has been no way to truly safeguard yourself or your business against a ransomware attack.

While there hasn’t been a legitimate way to prevent all attacks, business continuity is a way to ensure your business will stay operational despite the most malicious and aggressive of attacks. A true business continuity solution ensures that no matter what a business’ infrastructure is available, without disruption–even during a ransomware attack.

For example, a data protection solution, like the Datto SIRIS will automatically and invisibly take snapshots of your data and systems at regular intervals and store that data in a secure location. In the event that ransomware successfully penetrates your network, you can simply revert to a snapshot of your business before the attack happened. Voila. That renders the criminal helpless because there is no reason to pay a ransom when there is no downtime or impact to your business.

Datto just upped the ante on combatting ransomware

While business continuity just has been an important component in combatting ransomware, Datto, the leader in all things business continuity, just upped the ante. At its EMEA partner conference today in London, Datto just announced some exciting product updates that advance the standard of protection possible against ransomware.

Datto has made combatting ransomware its mission this year and that commitment was apparent through its announcements. For example, the SIRIS 3, a fully integrated total data protection platform for disaster recovery, has been upgraded to include a ransomware detection capability. This feature will notify administrators if ransomware is detected, allowing them to revert to a backup before the ransomware hit in an effort to save business downtime and avoid the ransom. This is huge news–and truly a necessary offering for businesses as the threat of cybercrime multiplies. This is what Matt Richards, Datto product vice president had to say to about it:

“Ransomware is the only case where once you are hit, the only option is to rollback,” said Richards. “We added an entropy based algorithm to understand and recognize that your data on your backup is more random. As a business continuity backup provider, that is our sweet spot.”

Other SIRIS platform updates include advanced screenshot verification that provides script execution to ensure backups are viable. In addition, there are now four device options: an all flash 2 TB S3X2, new 80, 100, as well as 120 TB enterprise.

The Norwalk, Connecticut-based company has set its sights on combatting ransomware in 2016. In fact, in September Datto published a worldwide study on ransomware. The report provided unprecedented insight regarding the malware, which included: its frequency, the most common strains, the industries and systems most targeted, the impact and the strategies and critical business solutions necessary to ensure recovery and continuity in the face of the growing threat.

Cybercriminals may have won a few rounds of battle. However, with a heavyweight like Datto committed to combatting ransomware, they will not win the war. The new updates to the SIRIS platform are big and I have the feeling, it is just the beginning.

Director of Marketing @ Invenio IT