How to create an ironclad disaster recovery plan for SMBs

by Jul 8, 2016Business Continuity

5 Keys to Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for SMBs

When developing a disaster recovery plan, there are a lot of things to consider. Here are five items that are required to create a successful disaster recovery plan for SMBs.

 1. Understand the Implications for your Business.

Do you know how a potential disaster would impact your bottom line? If not, you should start by conducting a business impact analysis or (BIA) that will:

  • Identify potential events
  • Calculate the likelihood that the event may occur
  • Quantify the potential impact on your business
2. Keep Employees Safe and Informed.

Your employees are your most valuable asset, so protect them. Make sure you have their contact info as well as have secure employee records with information like their social security numbers ad pay stubs. Also, create a disaster recovery communication plan for employees:

  • How will you ensure that all your employees are safe?
  • How will you reach them (phone, email)?
  • When should you contact them?
3. Keep Customers Engaged and Informed.

How you engage with customers will have an impact on future business.Think about how you handle sensitive customer data. Is it safe? How will you let customers know what is going on? How will customers reach you? What will you tell them?

4. Ensure Continuity of Operations.

Your business runs on applications, computers, & networks, so what happens when those systems are down? Most likely, your business cannot run. That said, here are a few questions to consider. How can you eliminate or reduce downtime? Do you have backup systems or facilities? Are you able to recover your most valuable data and continue to work as normal? How can employees continue to access your network?

5. Financial Impact & Readiness.

You absolutely need to prepare a financial backup plan if you have to prepare a disaster recovery plan for SMBs. Ask yourself. How are you protecting yourself and your business financially? Is your business in compliance with the regulatory requirements for your industry? Are you properly insured and do you know how to work with the insurance company once a disaster occurs?

If you would like to know more about building a disaster recovery plan for SMBs, contact us today.


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