Business continuity vs file and folder solutions: one doesn’t suck

by Aug 11, 2016Business Continuity

Exploring business continuity vs file and folder solutions

Can small- and medium-sized businesses use modern technology to improve file and information storage and retrieval systems? Absolutely. In fact, with technology becoming more affordable, there is no reason not to take advantage. Let’s walk you through the benefits of business continuity vs file and folder solutions.

How Do Business Continuity vs File and Folder Solutions Stack-up?

Both business continuity and file and folder solutions are designed to protect data. However, to the degree that it is successful and the speed in which it is saved or recovered is where you’ll find the discrepancies.

Let’s face it: data loss is expensive. Not only do you have to invest in the labor to see what was lost, but you have to spend the resources to try to recover it. And, with traditional file and folder solutions, data recovery is never a guarantee. Some estimate as many as 80% of all backups are not recoverable.

Every day we read in the papers about data loss, hackers, stolen data, identity theft, and natural disasters that cause businesses to lose key information. With a business continuity solution, you never have to “lose” data again.

That’s the primary advantage business continuity solutions have over older backup systems. Not only will they back up your entire business, but they can confirm that each file is healthy and recoverable, if needed.

Then, let’s look at the speed of the backup process. The traditional backup process is slower because every time the backup is run, it copies all of your files and stores them on the backup media. That can be a lot of data to transfer—and, there’s certainly the opportunity for something to go wrong. The latest business continuity solutions are different because they do not transfer your files, instead they use image-based backup.

And, what happens if your server is down and you need to recover data? With a file or folder solution, there is no option to virtualize from your backup solution if your main server is down. While you may be able to restore your infrastructure, it will take time. A server malfunction could lead to days of downtime, whereas, it only takes mere seconds to backup and restore when using a business continuity solution.

What’s more is that a true business continuity solution will provide protection against cybercrime, such as the prolific ransomware. Since data is guaranteed to be recoverable and entire systems can be rebooted in the cloud instantaneously, criminals quickly lose their leverage and therefore the ability to demand payment.

Business Continuity Uses Emerging Technology

Need a solution to data loss?  It takes less than a minute to restore lost data using a business continuity system. Good systems are not only easy to use, they are highly reliable. Key features to look for includes:

  • A secure cloud platform equipped with hybrid technology and the option to connect to a local machine.
  • Agent or agentless options for multiple platforms.
  • Advanced upload technology that eliminates the typical problems with traditional data backup systems.
  • Guaranteed successful backups through proven upload testing methods.

Can a business continuity system help you sleep better at night? Yes. Yes, it can. Ready to learn more?

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