Business Continuity Solution vs File And Folder Backup Solution?

by Jul 12, 2016Business Continuity

Pick A Business Continuity Solution vs File And Folder Backup Solution

Don’t risk total business loss. Learn about the benefits of a business continuity solution vs file and folder backup solution to protect your company’s future.

For many companies, the first thing that comes to mind when you mention disaster recovery is information backup. Ensuring data against loss is critical, of course, but it’s somewhat short-sighted when you consider the potential losses a company can experience when faced with a disaster. The Institute for Business and Home Safety reports that 25% of businesses that experience a major disaster don’t reopen.

In addition to fire, flooding, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, companies need to consider how they’d remain operational during events such as supply chain disruption, cyber attacks, blackouts, or even a health pandemic. Having a business continuity solution vs file and folder backup solution takes all of these into account, providing a wealth of benefits.

Beyond Data Protection

Disaster recovery goes beyond data recovery. It covers any systems and processes that are critical to business operations. Putting a business continuity solution in place will ensure your company can resume standard operations. Simply having files and data backed up won’t help if your entire IT infrastructure is taken down. Looking at the big picture protects the business, not just information.

Greater Security and Accessibility

While backups can provide a safety net in certain situations, file and folder solutions still risk exposure to infection due to cyber attacks. What’s more, if you only store your backups in-house, you risk losing your data to anything that may affect the company. Business continuity solutions like Datto SIRIS 3 rely on cloud hybrid based recovery that provides instant onsite and offsite virtualization.

Faster Recovery Speed

As the old saying goes, time is money. The fact is, downtime costs companies an average of $5,600 per minute, according to the Ponemon Institute. So the sooner you can get back on track, the better. But beyond the financial costs, downtime can also damage your company’s reputation and cause business loss to competitors.

Benefits Beyond the Bottom Line

Employing a business continuity solution vs file and folder backup solution has a number of benefits you may not have thought of. Being able to quickly respond to and recover from a variety of situations gives you a competitive advantage. It provides confidence and ease of mind for current customers, while building trust with future clients. Your proactive planning can also earn the company better insurance rates and help you maintain any industry compliance you have to adhere to.
As you can see, there’s more to disaster recovery than simply backing up files. You need a total business continuity solution to completely recover and avoid business loss. Find out how you can minimize your company’s risk and eliminate downtime. Contact us today to book a free Datto demo.

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