Datto proves commitment to Small Business with ALTO 3

by | Aug 11, 2017

Small businesses today are creating more data—and they rely on that data find and serve their clients. That means the value of that data is rapidly increasing in kind. And, with ransomware, disasters and system failures all around us, there is an increased need for true data protection.

Before now, small businesses around the world were stuck without any legitimate options. They may have outgrown simple (and archaic) backup options like USB drives and CDs, but didn’t need the complexity or the high cost of big business backup and recovery solutions. Well, there’s good news.

Introducing the Datto ALTO 3

The ALTO 3 is fully-featured, easy-to-use and cost-effective for a small business. In fact, it offers many of the same features as the larger, flagship Datto SIRIS 3 solution as well as many upgrades over the ALTO 2. Let’s take a look:

Image-based backup

The ALTO image-based strategy means you no longer need to pick and choose files or even copy them to a backup folder. Instead, the Datto ALTO 3 backs up entire systems so quickly and seamlessly that users don’t even notice.

Screenshot Verification

In addition, The Datto ALTO 3 tests backups automatically to ensure the most recent data is ready to restore at a moment’s notice. The device stores data locally. Then, transfers a copy to a secure offsite data center, more affectingly known as the Datto cloud.

Data Retention Options

You’re in control. You decide how long you want to store the data: whether it be a specific amount of time or indefinitely. Just like with the Datto SIRIS, Infinite Data Retention is offered on the ALTO 3 for a monthly fee.

Hybrid Virtualization

The unique Hybrid Virtualization system boots up failed systems in the cloud instantaneously, which mitigates costs associated with downtime, while keeping your business—in business.

Ransomware Detection

The proprietary Ransomware Detection feature eliminates the need to pay ransom—ever. The Datto ALTO 3 will monitor each backup for specific patterns of ransomware and notifies you immediately in the event of an infection. This allows you to roll back to a time before the ransomware got into your system. VOILA!

All New Hardware

The ALTO 3 has a completely refreshed hardware configuration. The device is now configured with an Intel dual core i3 CPU, 8GB RAM, 2TB of SSHD storage and protects up to 4 source machines.

User Friendly

The Datto ALTO 3 is simple to use. You can quickly restore files to original machine or restore entire servers from a user-friendly interface.

In the event support is needed, Datto has US-based support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—just a call, chat or email away.

That said, in most cases, your best option is to contact your MSP. You can read more about the importance of the MSP-provided support here. However, in a nutshell: your MSP will have intimate knowledge of your infrastructure and should, in many cases, be able to troubleshoot problems much faster.

Ready to experience the Datto ALTO 3?

With the ALTO 3, small businesses can feel confident that their data is safe. And, because Datto offers an entire portfolio of products and upgradable plans for businesses of all sizes, when a company grows from a one-man (or woman) operation to a large enterprise, Datto will grow with them.

Want to experience the Datto ALTO 3 for yourself? Click here and request a demo today.

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