6 Business continuity myths completely debunked

by | May 16, 2017

Separating fact from fiction: common business continuity myths challenged

When you hear the term “business continuity”, what comes to mind? For many, it is about an unexpected natural disaster or protecting proprietary client data. Some believe the technology needs to be complicated and expensive, making it inaccessible for small to medium-sized businesses. That said, here are six of the most common business continuity myths debunked.

Business Continuity Myth #1: Business Continuity is just a fancy way to protect company data.

While protecting a company’s critical data is an important function of a business continuity solution, it certainly isn’t the only one. Business Continuity is about ensuring that no matter what, a business can stay operational. Think about it. What happens when your critical systems go down? Maybe your business can survive without your sales and accounting systems for a few hours, but what about your phones? Or, how about email? We know all productivity stops when employees lose access to email.

According to a recent poll of IT professionals, many fear the loss of business critical data. However, more than double fear the risk of business interruption. That’s right, “going down” is the number one market driver for the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery sector.

Business Continuity Myth #2: Business Continuity is only needed for businesses who are prone to natural disasters.

False on two counts. First, while businesses located in certain areas of the country may be more susceptible to a natural disaster, weather patterns are changing with little to no notice. As a result, businesses are faced with new weather-related threats that would be hard to predict (like hurricanes in the northeast).

What’s more, a natural disaster is only one cause of downtime. In fact,  the number 1 cause of downtime is reported to be due to a simple power outage. Hardware and human errors round up the top three. In other words, even if you are not worried about safeguarding your business from a natural disaster, you still need to safeguard your business.

Business Continuity Myth #3: Business Continuity solutions are complex.

Did you know that over one third of IT professionals are frustrated with business continuity solutions, citing they are too difficult to use? Business continuity has evolved so much over the last few years. Not all BCDR technology is confusing; we promise. In fact, there are options that will seamlessly integrate within your existing environment.

Business Continuity Myth #4: Business Continuity solutions are expensive and geared to support large enterprises.

While larger companies tend to see value in business continuity and therefore invest in the technology, not all solutions come with a hefty price tag. Now, small businesses have options too and can get a truly enterprise-quality business continuity service for a few dollars a day. 

Business Continuity Myth #5: A Business Continuity service isn’t worth the investment.

Did you know that over half of companies report having experienced downtime from a single event, lasting more than 8 hours? Eight hours of continuous downtime is full day of work. And, with ransomware on the rise, that number is only expected to go up, way up. That said, the question shouldn’t be whether a business can afford a Business Continuity solution; it is if they can afford not to have it. Here is a downtime calculator that you can see what that translates to in dollars and cents.

Business Continuity Myth #6: All business continuity solutions are the same.

This one is simple. Absolutely NOT. The majority of IT professionals know that hybrid-based cloud solutions make them more confident in data recovery versus on-premise only solutions. What’s more, IT professionals who utilize cloud-based technology as part of their Disaster Recovery solution, find it easy to deploy.

However, even among hybrid-based cloud technology, there are a few necessary features that you should look for in a business continuity solution. For example, ransomware protection, neck-breaking recovery speeds and extended warranties are a few of the latest options that make for the best service.

What are your thoughts on business continuity? Comment below; we’d love to hear from you.

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