Your SaaS Data is Not Safe without Backupify. Here’s Why…

by | Sep 18, 2018

Spoiler alert: the data stored in your cloud services is NOT immune from disaster.

At a time when we’re storing almost everything in the cloud, it’s easy to forget that this data is just as vulnerable as all your on-site files. Don’t get us wrong: services like Office 365, G Suite and Salesforce are built on some of the most dependable cloud technology in the world.

But that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong.

And when they do, you need to be sure you can recover your lost data—fast. That’s why Backupify has become one of the most indispensable Datto solutions for organizations who use these SaaS platforms.

In this post, we assess the most common dangers to your cloud data and how Backupify keeps it protected.


Real-world threats to SaaS data

What are the odds of a company like Microsoft or Google permanently losing your data due to a mishap on their end?

Pretty low, actually. But that’s just one single scenario. There are a number of other very plausible scenarios in which your cloud data can be lost, effectively killing productivity and potentially disrupting your operations.

Only days ago, we saw Office 365 go down, prohibiting users from accessing several services, including email and Skype. And who can forget when Google lost users’ emails for 20,000 accounts back in 2011? It took over a day for the company to restore the data from tape backups. That same scenario could certainly happen again to G Suite users.

No cloud service has 100% uptime. All it takes is one disruption to halt access to the critical data that your business runs on.

But forget about platform uptime for a moment, because that’s not even the biggest SaaS threat you need to worry about …


People make mistakes

They goof. They delete stuff they’re not supposed to. They overwrite files. They install untrustworthy third-party integrations that erase a ton of important files.

It’s human nature. People are bound to make mistakes—sometimes big ones that nearly kill the business.

But that’s exactly why you need extra protection for your cloud data. Because when those mistakes happen within your cloud services, your data could be inadvertently erased for good.

You may already have a backup solution for your on-premise server data. But what happens when a user permanently deletes a bunch of important Gmail messages? What if customer data within Salesforce is inadvertently overwritten? What if a former employee’s account is deleted before their data was transferred?

These kinds of mistakes happen all the time. And when there’s no cloud backup system in place, that data may not be recoverable.


1 in 3 SaaS users lose data

In a 2013 survey by Aberdeen Group, 32% of workplace users said they have lost data from a SaaS application.

These were the most common reasons for that data loss:

  • 47% – Accidental deletion
  • 17% – Employee overwrote data
  • 13% – Hacker deletion
  • 10% – Ended the SaaS session before data was saved
  • 7% – Malicious deletion
  • 7% – Application overwrote another

Some respondents checked off multiple reasons, illustrating the fact that businesses are experiencing cloud data loss from multiple causes – even when their SaaS applications are otherwise running smoothly.

But let’s hone in on one of those causes for a minute: hacker deletion and other security breaches.


How malware wipes out SaaS data

Again, companies like Microsoft and Google have rock-solid defenses against attacks on their systems. But on the user end, things are a lot dicier.

For example, if ransomware encrypts files on your on-premise machines, within a Google Drive folder, then those files will overwrite your cloud copies too.

Same thing with other malware. If you’ve got a nasty strain that compromises files in your OneDrive folder, chances are you’ll lose that data in the cloud too. (This is also why cloud services like OneDrive and Google Drive should NOT be used as a data backup solution.)

Weak passwords are another way that hackers (and malware) infiltrate your SaaS applications. There are important steps you should take to prevent these security breaches (i.e. stronger password requirements, user training and so on), but no matter what, you should still be backing up your most critical cloud data.


Migrations and third-party integrations

SaaS services allow you to integrate all kinds of useful third-party integrations. For users, this can be extremely convenient – helping them work smarter and more efficiently.

But a lot can go wrong when these integrations aren’t done properly.

Any time you migrate a large swath of data from one platform to another, you risk losing data. Sometimes data is accidentally overwritten. Other times it’s just deleted for seemingly no apparent reason.

Same with third-party integrations. When add-on apps aren’t configured correctly by the user, or the apps themselves are buggy, data is often wiped out.


One mistake and POOF! Your data is gone

These situations are especially dangerous when the third-party apps have full access to all data within the SaaS application. All it takes is one “little” mistake to cause a major data loss.

And you can’t necessarily blame the SaaS companies either. As Datto explains:

“Just as Microsoft can’t tell good commands from bad ones when they come from individual users, Office 365 is blind to correct and incorrect instructions from third-party solutions. For all Office 365 knows, you actually want your migration tools to overwrite all of your existing data and start fresh, or wipe out your extensive taxonomy structure with today’s date as the creation date and “Administrator” as the document creator. Only you know the difference, and odds are you won’t notice an improperly configured solution until after it has inflicted its damage.”

Again, the SaaS platforms themselves are generally rock-solid, but they’re not people-proof. That’s why having a backup is so important.


The Solution for SaaS: Datto Backupify

Backupify provides cloud-to-cloud backup of your data within the top SaaS platforms. This means that your data is automatically backed up from your SaaS platform to the Datto Cloud, ensuring that it’s safe, secure and easily recoverable after an unexpected data loss.

Backupify is currently available for the following cloud services:

  • Microsoft Office 365: Automatic backups of data within Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Calendar and Contacts.
  • Google G Suite: Automatic backups of Google Mail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, and Team Drives.
  • Salesforce: Automatic backup of all data within Salesforce, including data in both your production and sandbox environments.

So if you’ve lost emails, CRM records, or other critical files due to accidental deletion or other causes, Backupify can restore those files in seconds.


Automatic backups up to 3x a day

Backupify can automatically back up your SaaS data up to three times a day. You can also manually perform a backup at any time, which is recommended anytime you’re about to add a third-party integration.

If your company uses Office 365, G Suite or Salesforce, this is the critical protection you need to prevent data loss.


What we like about Backupify

Backupify is built with several smart features to ensure your data is securely backed up and quickly recoverable.

It’s not merely an extra cloud drive that simply replicates all your SaaS. It’s a robust platform with multiple restore options, 360-degree encryption and advanced search tools that help you rapidly find missing files.

Here are some of the key features we like:

  • Data encryption at rest and in transit: This means your data is fully encrypted while it’s sitting in the cloud and during the transfer process from the SaaS application to the Datto Cloud.
  • Dashboard with advanced search filters: Backupify makes it easy to locate lost data with its robust search capabilities. With numerous search filters, you can find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds.
  • SOC 2 Type II audited & supports HIPAA compliance needs: This is especially important for businesses that must comply with strict regulations for how they handle their data. SOC 2 Type II audits ensure maximum protection of your data, while HIPAA compliance makes Backupify a go-to solution for healthcare organizations that are using SaaS platforms.
  • Data controls & monitoring: Backupify gives you full control over your backups and gives you full insight into everything with audit logs, uptime and availability SLAs.
  • Multiple restore options: When you need to recover data, you can restore individual files and folders or download everything from the most recent backup. Additionally, admins can restore files directly to a user’s account or download them directly to their own desktop.
  • Custom retention options: Configure the retention period based on your needs, so you can retain backups as long as necessary for security or compliance.


Don’t leave SaaS data at risk

Data loss within your SaaS applications is pretty much inevitable. If it isn’t already happening regularly at your organization, it’s only a matter of time before somebody accidentally deletes an important file or entire datasets get inadvertently overwritten.


Why take the risk?

Backupify ensures that your data within Office 365, Google Suite or Salesforce is being regularly backed up and can be recovered promptly when data loss happens.


Get more information

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