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Why you need online file sync and sharing platforms for businesses

In today’s workplace, people constantly need to collaborate—and users are increasingly mobile, using a variety of devices. That’s why file sync and share (FSS) tools are so popular. In fact, effective collaboration and organizational productivity increasingly depends on broad user adoption of FSS. However, did you know that consumer-grade FSS products have a number of limitations that can make them inappropriate for business use? That’s why you need online file sync and sharing platforms for businesses.

Management and Access Control

When employees use personal file sync and share accounts for business  purposes, you can wind up with data in different password-protected locations that you have no ability to access. The more places that sensitive or confidential business data exists, the more likely it can be lost or accessed by unauthorized individuals. Recovery of older files can be particularly problematic when people use personal FSS accounts for business. It often means that, when someone leaves the company, the files leave with them. Oops.


Consumer-class FSS utilities use public cloud infrastructure and encrypt data at rest to protect against security breaches. For most FSS users this is adequate, but many businesses have more stringent security requirements —  especially those that are subject to specific compliance regulations. For these businesses, consumer-grade FSS security just won’t do.

Total Data Protection

Files on which users are actively collaborating are highly relevant to current and future business. So, it’s important that users have the ability to quickly recover files that were accidentally deleted, corrupted or otherwise sullied.  Datto Drive offers versioning, which allows users to rollback to previous versions of files without opening a help desk ticket. Self-service restore increases user productivity, while reducing the administrative burden on IT.

Now that you know online file sync and sharing platforms for businesses aren’t your average FSS, do you need to step up your game? If so, contact us today.


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