Moving Data to Cloud? Use 3 Tips to Lower Your Budget

by Sep 7, 2016Cloud & Hosting

Know how to keep costs in check when moving data to cloud

Managing cloud storage takes a very dynamic and multi-faceted approach, so if you haven’t read enterprise cloud storage management strategy tips 1 to 6 recently, now is a good time to review what to do to when moving data to cloud. These, very briefly, are:

Now, on to 3 more tips.

Optimize with Technology

In the continued endeavor to keep cloud storage costs low, companies are investing in tech to do some of the management for them. Like all technology-aided labor, these allow you and your team to work more effectively. These may be part of an upgraded cloud package or they may be technologies that you can add to further streamline your cloud storage usage. Among them:

  • Deduplicate. Do you have the tools you need to regularly and automatically deduplicate in order to eliminate extra copies of data? Are unique chunks of data, byte patterns being analyzed so that redundant chunks can be removed? And if you are working with a new cloud vendor, Deduplication should always be routine before moving data to cloud.

Negotiate with Confidence

Cloud storage is a competitive market and when you are buying for a large company, winning or losing your “account” is a big deal to the storage provider. Remember this. Leverage this in your favor to negotiate and get:

  • The best features for your company. What do you need and why do you need it? Don’t let them give you features that won’t benefit your company. If your purchase is large enough, you should be able to negotiate some add ons into your contract for free or at significantly reduced rates. They have secured a happy customer and you have just added tools you can use to help manage the storage, making this a mutually beneficial outcome.
  • Increased space at reduced cost. How many departments are using the same cloud provider? Buying in bulk is a win-win for your company and the cloud vendor. Can you consolidate with one company for a “bulk discount”? If you are already a loyal customer with high usage, work this angle to get a little extra space for free or at reduced discount. Smart business people know that acquiring a new customer is much more costly than keeping one happy with small perks.

Take Another Look at that Contract

When you or your predecessor signed up with the current vendor, a contract was signed. This contract can tell you a lot about why your costs keep going up. Take another look and you may be surprised what you find.

  • Did the original contract include lots of extras you were getting for free, but are now paying for? Maybe these can be renegotiated or perhaps you never really needed them in the first place and they need to be cut.
  • Are you locked into a long-term contract with this vendor? If not, is it time to shop around for a better deal for your company?

Moving Data to Cloud with Confidence

Moving data to cloud rather than trying to store it all in house is a cost-saving decision, but managing this storage is important to keep costs low.

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