Manage cloud computing budget with 5 money-saving tips

by Aug 5, 2016Cloud & Hosting

Do you know how to keep your budget in check? Learn how to manage cloud computing costs.

If you are in the process of transitioning your business to the cloud, you are not alone. IT leaders around the world are transitioning their businesses to the glamorous cloud. In fact, behind security, cloud computing is the fastest growing segment of IT. That said, migrating over can come with a few headaches as well as some unexpected costs. Manage cloud computing costs with these five tips.

Keep your “cloud computing” budget line item in check:

  1. Be selective.

    While there are many benefits of cloud computing, not all operations are good candidates for cloud hosting. Think about which operations offer easy migration, low risk and high payoff. For example, applications that generate more traffic need more storage and maintenance–and with that comes more money. You may find it cost-effective to keep some applications on-premises.

  2. Start thinking cloud-first.

    You should start with the new stuff. As projects come up, think through a “cloud-first” lens. If a service provider offers equal or better functionality than a traditional solution, then that’s an ideal candidate for the cloud.

  3. Find the “no-brainers”.

    Deploying or upgrading user-facing applications such as sales force automation and collaboration are no brainers for hosting. In addition, there is no legacy data to migrate.

  4. Know what you need and what you don’t.

    Certain features such as elasticity or high availability, can significantly increase cloud costs. You should do a pilot test for the application you expect to account for the majority of your cloud usage and costs. If a premium feature’s cost outweighs its value, you may not want to use it.

  5. Do your homework.

    There are many options out there for cloud computing and you should do a little research before you jump in. For example, Datto just launched the Datto Drive, which directly competes with Dropbox and Box. It offers similar features, but pricing starts at just $10 a month with unlimited users. If you sign up now, you can still take advantage of their introductory offer: One year, one TB of storage, free. Net-net, if you aren’t getting the best cloud service for the best price, it may be time to rethink your vendor.

We hope this was helpful. Contact us today for more tips to help manage cloud computing costs.

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