A New, Easy Way to Deploy a Private Cloud: Datto SIRIS Private

by | Jul 10, 2019

The Datto SIRIS Private makes it easier than ever for businesses to deploy their own private cloud.

Announced at DattoCon19, SIRIS Private is an ideal BC/DR solution for businesses that are restricted from storing data in third-party public clouds. It provides the same enterprise-grade data protection that SIRIS is known for, while keeping backups contained within your company’s private network.


The Challenge

Companies that keep extremely sensitive data need to be careful how and where they store that data. When data is mishandled, improperly backed up or otherwise unprotected, this significantly increases the risk that data will be compromised.

Whether the data is stolen, lost or encrypted by ransomware, these events can be especially catastrophic for businesses in certain industries. That’s why some sectors must comply with tight regulations for how they handle their data, including:

·      Healthcare

·      Financial services

·      Government

Businesses in these industries need to maintain frequent backups of their data, and they need to keep those backups safe from cybercriminals and other threats.

For many companies, that means no public clouds. So if a business wants the “hybrid cloud” protection of storing backups locally and off-site, they need to use their own private cloud – not a third-party’s.

The problem is: deploying a secure, private cloud can be a costly investment for smaller organizations.

That’s where SIRIS Private can provide significant savings, in addition to stronger data protection.


The Solution: Datto SIRIS Private

SIRIS Private creates a secure and self-contained cloud for data backup and recovery. Your data is backed up to an on-site SIRIS device and replicated to a secondary SIRIS, creating a private cloud.

In the event of data loss, you can rapidly recover data from either SIRIS device.


The Power of Datto’s Cloud – on Your Own Network

What’s great about SIRIS Private is that it offers nearly the full feature set and capabilities of Datto’s conventional hybrid cloud BC/DR, but in a self-contained environment on your own network.

That means you still have numerous recovery options for every possible disaster scenario:

·      Instantly virtualize a backup locally or in the cloud

·      Restore individual files or folders

·      Bare metal restore back to a physical or virtual system

·      Virtualize via hypervisor

·      Export the entire backup image


How it Works

Deploying a private cloud with SIRIS couldn’t be simpler. You simply deploy a local SIRIS appliance and connect it to a second SIRIS, which can be deployed at the same site or at a secondary location for greater assurance against on-site disasters.

The two SIRIS units are referred to as the “source” SIRIS and the “destination” SIRIS. Both should have access to a common LAN or VLAN.

·      Source SIRIS: Protects your production machine(s). This is where your data is backed up first, prior to cloud replication.

·      Destination SIRIS: Acts as the cloud server, where backups from the source SIRIS are replicated for an added layer of protection.

For businesses that want even more protection, even more destination SIRIS devices can be deployed across your network. So, for example, if you want to create your own geo-redundant private cloud, you could deploy multiple SIRIS appliances at opposite sides of the continent.

Configuring the units is easy, too. During the “Protect a System” setup, you simply identify the destination SIRIS where your backups will be replicated.


Private Cloud = No Data Mixing

Organizations in healthcare, government and financial services can’t afford to mix their most valuable data with other company’s data in a public cloud.

While public clouds from Google, Amazon and Microsoft are indeed very secure, you don’t always have complete control over how the data is stored. If you’re not directly managing the hardware on your own network, then you simply don’t know what’s happening on the other end.

For all you know, your data could be mixed with other companies’ data on the same server drives. That’s extremely risky for the industries listed above and generally not allowed.

With SIRIS Private, you can stay in-compliance with data regulations while also reducing your risk of data being compromised.


Instant Virtualization – Locally or in the Cloud

With a conventional Datto SIRIS, your data is backed up locally and in the Datto Cloud. From there, your backups can be booted as virtual machines in either location, giving you instant access to your data and applications.

This instant access is crucial after a disaster, enabling you to resume critical operations even faster.

With SIRIS Private, you get the same instant virtualization, which can be performed on either SIRIS unit.

(Note that SIRIS Private does not currently allow hybrid virtualization, which is slightly different from full cloud virtualization. Hybrid virtualization restores a production machine in the Datto Cloud, which is then managed locally through your Datto appliance through a secure VPN tunnel. In contrast, full cloud virtualization is performed without the on-site device.)


Your Office is on Fire. Now What?

For starters, get everyone to safety!

But let’s also consider what this means for your IT infrastructure (and your business). If all your computer systems are destroyed, whether by fire or the water from fire hoses, then your operations will come to a screeching halt.

Imagine suddenly having no access to email, applications, customer records, order information, and other data. For most businesses, it would be a catastrophe.

And if you can’t recover quickly enough, your business could be doomed. According to FEMA, 40% to 60% of small companies never reopen their doors after a disaster. And 90% of businesses fail within a year if they can’t resume operations within 5 days.

SIRIS Private enables you to keep your backups at a secondary site, so you can virtualize them from anywhere with an internet connection. You simply spin up the backup in your private cloud, giving you instant access to the applications and files that were on the destroyed machines.


Ransomware Protection? Check.

The single best layer of defense against ransomware is a data backup. But also, the backup must be recent and quickly recoverable for it to be useful. Otherwise, you could be fighting to recover from the attack for weeks.

SIRIS Private gives you the same dependable backup-and-recovery protection as any other SIRIS deployment. That means frequent backups, fast recovery and built-in ransomware protection.

During the backup process, SIRIS automatically identifies commons signs of a ransomware infection. When an infection is discovered, administrators are alerted, so they can roll back to a clean recovery point before the infection causes more damage.


Backups as Often as Every 5 Minutes

Just like a traditional SIRIS deployment, SIRIS Private allows for an aggressive backup frequency: as often as every five minutes.

In industries like healthcare and finance, a high backup frequency is essential. Data is constantly moving and growing in size. If the backups are even just a few hours old when disaster strikes, the amount of data loss can be staggering.

By backing up data more frequently (and replicating to your private cloud), you significantly reduce the risk of data loss, minimizing the disruption to your business.


Fast Recovery = Minimal Downtime

The downtime that follows a disaster is even more costly than the data loss itself. According to figures from CNN, one in six small businesses are sidelined by ransomware for more than 24 hours. The downtime from ransomware costs businesses an average of $100,000 per attack.

SIRIS Private gives you the assurance that you can rapidly recover data, so that your operations are minimally impacted. Recover files from (or virtualize the backup on) the local appliance for the fastest access. Or if your on-site infrastructure is inaccessible, you can recover from your private cloud.

For lost and accidentally deleted files (the most common form of data loss), you can quickly restore the data with Datto’s Backup Insights tool. Even when the file name and date of deletion are unknown, Backup Insights makes it fast and easy to find the missing files you’re looking for by displaying what data has changed between any two backups.


Resilient, Dependable Backups

Like every other Datto SIRIS deployment, SIRIS Private ensures that your backups are secure and viable, so they can be recovered without problem at a moment’s notice.

Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology creates a resilient backup process that isn’t dependent on previous incrementals. Each backup is fully constructed, eliminating the data-corruption issues that occur in traditional backup chains. Datto’s “inverse” process makes the backups more reliable, and it’s also what enables the 5-minute backup frequency.

For added assurance, Datto’s Advance Backup Verification automatically tests your backups, verifying that they can be restored without any issues.


A Powerful Cloud without the Third Party

But again, aside from the existing capabilities of SIRIS, the greatest benefit of SIRIS Private to healthcare organizations and other businesses is the private cloud.

SIRIS Private removes the risks of using a third party and removes the hassle of building a private cloud with traditional infrastructure investments. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to back up all your data to the cloud, while keeping it contained on your network.


Get More Information

Learn more about Datto SIRIS Private by requesting a free demo from Invenio IT. Our business continuity experts are happy to go over your options and answer any questions you have. Contact us today at (646) 395-1170 or success@invenioIT.com.

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