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When you decided to make the big move from being an employee to being an employer, you probably did it because you were confident in your field of expertise. You had a lot of contacts in the business, and were sure that you would be able to find clients and get the work done in a quality manner. If so, you are like most small business owners across the country. But, like every business owner knows, there is more to running your business than the things you know about your own industry. You need to get insurance, and wire the phones, and get the accounting done, and you need someone to take care of your IT needs. These are important parts of your business that need special attention.

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How the Datto SIRIS Backs Up On-Site and Off-Site with Ease

The reality is that you will lose your data at some point. The only question is how and when. When that time does happen you need to be prepared. 43% of companies without a disaster recovery plan will never re-open, and those that do, 80% fail within 13 months. When you do lose your data, how are you going to efficiently and effectively recover it? Is it necessary, or a smart strategy to store your backups on-site and off-site?

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It’s impressive how the Datto SIRIS verifies each backup

Are you backing up your data? Do you know if your backups were successful and can be restored? Backing up is a great first start, but it is just that — a start. As we stress to every client, prospect and person we chat to, the key to a successful backup and recovery strategy is in the recovery. Without a recovery of your data, the whole process is a waste of time and effort.

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Datto SIRIS Makes Backup and Recovery For Small Business Easy

Far too often busy business owners have good intentions — to backup the data which is the lifeblood of their business. They understand how important backing up their business data is to their long term success, yet it’s astonishing many fail to do so. In my conversations with many small business owners, I’ve heard a few common threads. One is they don’t have the technical skills, not sure which backup solution to deploy, they believe data loss will never happen to them, but by far the most common is they tried backup systems that are too cumbersome and not easy to understand.

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