How Small Business IT Security Can Save You Money

by | Aug 6, 2013 | Security

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It’s no secret that small businesses, specifically those that possess 10 to 100 employees, are the most frequently targeted for data breaches. Of course, insurance is a viable option for protection against data loss, but it’s not a prime solution for small business IT security.

Experts say that theft of personal information from companies of all sizes is on the rise. There was a study done in 2012 which estimated $110  billion was lost to cyber-attacks. Don’t become a statistic.

“For many of these small businesses, they risk their livelihood when it comes to a potential data loss, whether it is from an employee error or from a cyber-attack.” John Jablonski, Repercussions of a data breach can be disastrous, The Buffalo Law Journal

There are many ways data loss can happen. A company laptop is lost, or a website is hacked. Companies who collect customers’ personal information pay a steep price, literally, as every credit card holder of a bank becomes a victim.

The burden of rectifying the situation frequently causes businesses to go under. Not only are companies expected to pay back the victims, but the credit card companies receive reimbursement for having to issue new credit cards and account information to its’ customers. Plus, small businesses must pay for two years of a credit monitoring service for each victim. Fees start adding up very quickly, and most small businesses don’t have the funds to weather such a storm, like Fountune 500 companies.

Countries are taking measures to prevent cyber-attacks. South Korea claimed personal information was stolen from their presidential website just last week. It was reported that over 100,000 subscribers’ accounts were compromised. The US Department of Homeland Security is hiring small business contractors to enhance their cyber security. So even the US government is depending on small business IT security.

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Some ways a “managed” small business IT security solution can save you money are:

• Free up resources for other mission-critical purposes.
• Maintain operational flexibility by allowing peak requirements to be met while avoiding the cost of hiring new staff.
• Obtain current technology and capabilities that would otherwise have to be hired or acquired by retraining, at a potentially very high cost.
• Avoid infrastructure obsolescence by giving the responsibility for technical currency to us.
• You control operating costs, or turn fixed costs into variable ones, through the use of predictable fee.

Contact us to learn more about how to safeguard your data with our small business IT security solutions. Our various security functions will allow your IT department to operate with an in-depth understanding of the task at hand. Not only will outsourcing improve your security, but in most cases, it will lower costs.

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