Learn How to Avoid Dangerous Ransomware in Just 2 Steps

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Security

How to Avoid Ransomware and Protect Your Business from Cyber-Extortion

Ransomware has already wreaked havoc on businesses in 2016, and analysts expect the threat to get even worse. In the first quarter of the year, cyber-extortionists claimed $209 million from their victims. The FBI says this number could hit $1 billion by the end of 2016, according to a report by CNN.

Not surprisingly, businesses are scrambling to determine how to avoid ransomware. Many organizations choose to ramp up their cybersecurity, but this alone is not enough. Even the most sophisticated anti-virus software can’t keep up with new strains of malware constantly being developed by hackers. On top of cybersecurity tools, businesses must have a plan for restoring their systems in the event that their data is suddenly held hostage.

How to Avoid Ransomware

1) Preventative Cybersecurity

Good cybersecurity is a must, but keep in mind that it’s only a first line of defense. An effective anti-malware solution can help protect against the threat of known strains of ransomware, such as CryptoLocker, Locky and TelsaCyrpt. These are commonly spread onto computer systems via email spam or website exploit kits.

A decent cybersecurity solution will ward off against these attacks by constantly monitoring incoming data. But again, this doesn’t mean that a new, unknown strain won’t slip by unnoticed.
2) Data Backup & Recovery

Many organizations are too focused on how to avoid ransomware, instead of “what to do if we’re attacked.” To truly protect yourself from the devastating costs of ransomware, you must have a solid business continuity solution.

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Remember, ransomware costs you more than just the monetary amounts that hackers demand. It also costs you in lost productivity. When your systems are locked up, or data isn’t accessible, your employees aren’t working. That downtime is extremely costly. Plus, if you never get that data back, those costs ultimately skyrocket.

A business community solution can eliminate the risk of that downtime by allowing you to restore your data in seconds after an attack.

Not all business continuity solutions are made equal. To ensure clean back-ups and faster recoveries, invest in superior solutions like Datto, which uses hybrid technology to store your backups both on-site and in the cloud.

Hybrid recovery means you can regain access to your data almost instantly, instead of waiting hours or days. So, no matter what hackers are demanding, you and your teams can keep on working. Looking for more information on how to avoid ransomware? Contact us today.

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