Ashley Madison and Cyberhacking: killing more than reputations

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Security

Turn on the TV and you can’t miss hearing about Ashley Madison and cyberhacking

If you’ve been watching the news, you’re well aware of one of the Ashley Madison and cyberhacking story–perhaps the largest, most embarrassingly damaging hack of 2015– with a total of 9.7 gigabytes of very intimate data stolen and published to the web. Those 37+ million users have undoubtedly been living in fear knowing their personal information has been disclosed:

  • Names
  • Email
  • Street addresses
  • Time spent on the website
  • Specifications on partner preferences

Given the nature of the information released, many of the stories are focusing on the reputations and the relationships that will forever be altered. However, that is only one concern (albeit not insignificant). The damage will go well beyond that for many as the data leaked is not only personally damning, but very valuable to thieves. The tens of millions of “victims” (yes, while being involved in questionable activities, they are victims of the hack) need to now be concerned about identity theft.

Here are a few tips to help ensure you and your employees don’t become the next “Ashley Madison”, “Sony” or “Target”:

  1. Keep software up-to-date at all times including the server operating system and any software running on the website, such as a forum or CMS. This will ensure no weak points or holes are exploitable.
  2. Make sure SSL encryption is installed to encrypt communications between the browser and the website server – ensuring all information stays secure against interception.
  3. Use a web application firewall which is a filter, appliance or plugin designed to inspect incoming traffic, eliminate malicious and/or dangerous requests, and ultimately, protect against various attacks.
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Due to the sensitive subject matter, Ashley Madison and cyberhacking is front and center. However, cybersecurity should always be a top priority as an attack can not only damage a reputation, but it make also shut your business down. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about true business continuity and staying open despite cyberhacks and attacks

P.S. For our readers interested in finding out if they’ve had information disclosed in a recent hack—Ashley Madison or otherwise, this link is a great resource.

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