Datto Alto: Designed Specifically for Small Businesses

The ALTO is an advanced backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution that is easy to use and cost effective.

  • Off-site virtualization, instantly initializing a VM in Datto's cloud
  • The Datto Alto delivers amazing technology at a break through price
  • At 5" square the Alto has a small foot print perfect for small business
 datto alto 2 breakthrough price
The Datto Alto offers enterprise business continuity at an amazing price point
 datto alto 2 hybrid cloud
The Datto Alto dramatically reduce downtime with backups saved locally and in the cloud
 datto alto 2 backup verification
Backups are verified and tested that they can be recovered. No more guessing
 datto alto 2 instant virtualization
Restore failed servers in the cloud. Recovery in minutes, not days or weeks!
 datto alto 2 small footprint
The Datto Alto has a small footprint that is perfect for the small business
 datto alto 2 inverse chain technology
No more broken backup chains with the Datto Alto

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