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Call (646) 395-1170 or request Datto Alto 2 pricing, info or demo

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Datto ALTO 2 Pricing, Reviews, Demo

Datto ALTO 2 is Enterprise Protection at a Small Business Price

Backup functionality and peace of mind has never been so affordable for the small business.

Datto ALTO 2 delivers exceptional quality and reliability:


  • Instantly restore any backup as a virtual machine off-site in the cloud
  • Each backup is tested and verified that it can be restored. No more guessing!
  • Backup and restore entire systems, not just files and folders for fastest recovery eliminating downtime
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Datto-Alto-Reviews Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.6 based on 3 reviews
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Datto best products

5 5 1
Datto topped the best product offering with out-of-this-world customer support. I have had a very pleasant experience adopting Datto products as backup solutions for our clients. Based on my 15 years of industry experience, I can easily say I have never worked with a company that has such thorough and knowledgeable sales and support staff and stands so firmly behind their products and service.

No better disaster recovery solution

4 5 1
In my opinion, there is no better and no more affordable backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery solution for a [SMB] than a Datto BDR.

ALTO knocks it out of the park

5 5 1
We are a very loyal company, once we find something that works we want to stick with it. We’re not going anywhere.
datto alto 2 instant virtualizationEach Datto Alto 2 backup can be restored as a virtual machine within minutes in the clouddatto alto 2 image based backup"Image based backup" takes images and restores entire systems, not just files
datto alto 2 hybrid cloudDatto Alto 2 backs up locally and in the cloud for redundancy and fastest recovery timedatto alto 2 breakthrough priceEnterprise Business Continuity at a breakthrough price for the Small Business
datto alto 2 backup verificationEach backup is tested and verified that it can be restored. No more guessing or wondering at 4amdatto alto 2 small foot printThe Datto Alto 2 is perfect for small business: the extremely compact Micro PC form factor means ALTO 2 can live right on the desktop
Datto Alto 2 ModelsALTO 150ALTO 250ALT0 500ALTO 1000
Local Storage Capacity1TB1TB1TB1TB
System Memory8GB8GB8GB8GB
Included Off-Site Storage150GB250GB500GB1TB
Max Systems Protected2244
NetworkingDual GB EthernetDual GB EthernetDual GB EthernetDual GB Ethernet

Every Datto device comes with a 3 year warranty that is fully covered as long as the service is active and is being paid. After 36 months Datto will continue to support the device and host the data off-site as long as the service continues to be paid, but the device will no longer be covered by warranty. If the device were to fail, you can purchase a new device and Datta can pre-load your data at no charge.

In the event of a disaster, Datto will send a brand new device with all data and configurations in place at no charge — for all devices currently under service.

A new drive or device ships same business day or next business day, depending on shipping limitations.

If you stop paying the service fee, Datto will no longer support the device. We will not provide technical support, and the warranty is void. All data will be removed from our off-site data storage facilities after 30 days of non payment. Devices will still function as a local NAS.

Datto’s data centers utilize Security Access and Control Systems (SACS) that use global biometric authentication access methodology to track all authenticated data center employees and prohibit the entry of any unauthorized personnel. Datto data centers are staffed 24/7, in addition to off-site Critical Facilities Management Teams that report and record all access and alarm information to ensure the most comprehensive security possible. This translates to completely inaccessible data centers.

Each Datto device uses advanced encryption technology to keep data secure at all times. During both transmit and storage, all data is fully encrypted using AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption. AES 256 is certified by the NSA as the encryption used for all Top Secret government data. Datto employees cannot view data.

Yes, you can find out more information about Datto’s datacenters here.

Yes, you can find Datto’s Technical Support Service Level Agreement here.

Yes, if you do outgrow the storage capacity of your Datto device, you can upgrade your device to a larger device if your device is currently under service. Just pay the cost difference and  $100 fee.

For servers or workstations that are protected, you can recreate or virtualize your servers or workstations locally from your Datto SIRIS device through the device’s web portal.  In the event of a more severe disaster and your Datto SIRIS device is destroyed, your servers/workstations will be recreated at Datto’s datacenters via a remote web portal.  You can then connect to the servers or workstations with VPN and RDP connections (public IP’s can also be made available).  The backups will continue, even while machines are virtualized, and once you are back to normal at your location, you will seamlessly transition back to physical machines after virtualization.  You will be shipped a new SIRIS device with all data and configurations at no extra charge — for all devices currently under service.

Yes, you can backup and restore SharePoint, and restore to different versions.

Yes, you can backup and restore Microsoft Exchange.  You can restore to the store, mailbox or message level.

Yes, you can backup and restore SQL as well.

Each devices comes with an unlimited number of licenses.

Yes, with each device you have the option store your data off-site at Datto’s data centers.  You will have a monthly option, or you can prepay 1, 2 or 3 years in advance with cost savings.  With the service, you will be able to virtualize your servers and workstations off-site, receive next day shipping on destroyed devices and archived snapshots of your data which you can restore from.

Yes, each device under service has an option for 1, 3 or 7 years of data archiving, no size limits. The archive contains daily snapshots of the device, stored at Datto’s data centers.

Yes, we highly recommend documenting your disaster and recovery procedure.  We recommend testing out your DR plan at least once a year.  Our reps are available to help you put together your plan and test it out.

Yes, you can view a demo of the local and off-site virtualization process here.  You can also schedule a live technical demo with one of our Technology Strategists here.

Try Datto ALTO 2 Risk-FREE for 45 Days

datto money back guaranteeBusinesses around the world are switching to Datto. And, they are doing it for one simple reason. It works. The Datto line of products can recover lost data and downed servers within minutes, not hours or days like many of the other solutions. And, with US-based, 24/7 support, we’ve truly got you (and your data) covered–nights, weekends and holidays.

Want to experience the Datto difference for yourself? Request pricing today and receive a 45-day, risk-free demo. That’s right, a full month and a half with zero obligation. If after 45 days you choose not to keep the device, that’s ok. Just return it to us for a full refund. It’s that simple. Contact us today to experience the peace of mind that comes with the ultimate in business continuity, Datto.

Don’t lose sleep for one more night! Get your free device today. This one move will be a giant step forward in your compliance and business continuity your business deserves.

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