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by | Apr 21, 2016 | General Tech

Beyond the world of IT, there are some exciting developments in technology today

Technology today is being used to enhance the quality of life for many. Here are just a few of the cools ways technology is helping the world.

How One Blind Marathon Runner Is Using Technology To Run Solo

Of the 27,487 runners who traversed the city of Boston this year for the marathon, 39 were visually impaired. And, one man has made it his mission to use technology to run independently, without the assistance of guides.

By collaborating with IBM, Simon Wheatcroft wants to give blind runners the tools to run independently.

There are already many different tools on the market—like sophisticated GPS navigation and motion sensors—that could help visually impaired runners. It’s just a matter of putting them together into a customized tool.

Over the last month, Wheatcroft has been collaborating with IBM to develop an iPhone app allowing him to navigate a marathon course without help. He tested it out for the first time at Monday’s marathon. Little signals alerted him whenever he veered too far to the right or left, so he didn’t worry about going off course.

“I could enjoy the race. I could listen to the crowd,” Wheatcroft says. “The app only alerted me if I went wrong. The rest of the time, it was completely silent.” To learn more about the groundbreaking technology on the horizon, click here.

Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization — or NSSEO– is using technology to help connect, communicate and empower students who have severe disabilities. They target the technology to each student’s ability and design programs to help them fine tune that get better each year.

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Some of those opportunities help teachers and families to communicate with students whose disability prevents them from speaking, like the eye gaze technology or for some students that could mean using apps on an iPad, which responds easily to touch. To learn more about how technology is helping children excel, click here.

Student-developed technology could be game-changer for those with disabilities

Last week, two new wearable technologies gained a spotlight when their creators were awarded the Lemelson-MIT student prize. These promising technologies weren’t developed by major corporations or experienced PhDs — some were developed by people who can’t even legally drink alcohol.

ThinkProgress spoke with a few of the winners about exactly how their inventions work, and how they hope they will transform the ability to communicate with two different populations: children with autism and deaf users of American Sign Language. To learn more, click here.

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