Small business marketing is found critical for growth

by | Jun 21, 2016 | General Tech

Small business marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming

For some, small business marketing is fun. It represents the chance to be creative and embrace your inner Don Draper. For others, marketing is an unfamiliar territory and can be overwhelming. That’s especially true among small business owners. Believe me–we get it. As technology people, marketing isn’t an innate skill. That said, it is imperative that every small business learn the nuts and bolts to ensure healthy growth and long-term success.

In a recent study in the UK, it was found that 81% of small businesses believe marketing is ‘critical’ to their business’ growth. More than ever, small businesses need to promote themselves in order to stay relevant to the consumer. On average, they are using more than three media channels to promote their businesses. While that it good news, there is room for improvement. It’s 2016 and yet very few small businesses are investing in search engine optimization (SEO) or inbound marketing due to a lack of expertise.

That said, Invenio IT has partnered with Datto–a leading tech company that specializes in intelligent business continuity–to produce resources that break down small business marketing. While the conversation is geared towards Managed Service Providers (or MSPs), the information is applicable to all businesses. For example, we discuss “inbound marketing.” You’ll learn what it is as well as why you absolutely need to include it in your marketing mix. In addition, you’ll get quick and easy strategies to master SEO as well as tips to facilitate lead generation.

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The live webinar was last week, but you can get the recording by clicking here. Or, we cover a lot of the same topics in an e-book, which you can get here.

If you are small business and you’re looking to increase your sales funnel with some expert small business marketing tips, you need to check out these FREE resources today.

Tracy Rock is the Director of Marketing at Invenio IT. Tracy is responsible for all media-related initiatives as well as external communications—including, branding, public relations, promotions, advertising and social media. She is one busy lady and we are lucky to have her!