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by | Feb 6, 2013 | Business Continuity, General Tech

Ask Yourself – Are My Small Business IT Solutions Redundant?

108 million people across the US tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, with many of those tuning in just after half-time when social media began to light up–with commentary about the lack of lights in the Superdome.  While viewership may have been down from the prior year, the analysts point out that viewership actually rose during the game, as people tuned in to see the effects of the power outage in the Superdome.

If you were watching, you know that when the power went out, the video continued to run without audio for a few moments before CBS cut to commercials.  The production booth and the audio commentators also lost power–forcing the production team to scramble to get some commentators back to the half-time set.

One of the lessons that businesses can learn from the Super Bowl blackout is that redundancy is vital for small business IT solutions.  34 minutes later when play resumed, the momentum of the game changed, and suddenly it was a brand-new game.

Often, people act as though “redundant” is a synonym for “unnecessary.”  If something is redundant, we tend to think of it as an unneeded duplication.  When financial margins are tight, we logically look to increase profits and reduce waste.  And sometimes we eliminate the necessary redundancies that provide safety in the event of a game-changing catastrophe.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  As the Super Bowl demonstrated to us, we can’t afford to ignore warnings and cautions about possible failures.  We can’t simply assume that “it will never happen to us.”  On the one hand, CBS was able to quickly recover because of some redundancies in their production sets and equipment.  On the other hand, we recognize the difference that would have been made if the electrical grid had additional redundancies and load-balancing capabilities.

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Take a moment and consider the vulnerabilities in your small business IT solutions business plan: data backups, employee policies, passwords, telecommunications, even your electricity supply!  Evaluate whether or not you have sufficient redundancies in place, and be certain to communicate a disaster plan to your employees.

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