Oh the Tragedy, the Unreliable Pokemon Servers are Down!

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Business Continuity, General Tech

Just as My curiosity peaks: Pokemon servers down.

I’ll be honest, I know absolutely nothing about Pokemon–and even less about this Pokemon go thing everyone on Facebook seems to be talking about. I love technology, but didn’t really get the excitement over this new game–so I ignored all the buzzy memes and continued on with my day. Then, the news stories continued. Now, these Pokemon fanatics are jumping off cliffs and walking into traffic? I was confused. Curious. It was time to try my hand at Pokemon. As I downloaded the app, I felt like I was about to part of some cool club. I secretly wondered if I too would become hypnotized by the magical Pokemon go. And then something unexpected happened. A cute, jovial-looking screen popped up to inform me of the inexcusable: Pokemon servers are down. No information about why or how long. Just that they are down.

Houston there is a problem

How in 2016 can businesses still claim the technical difficulty card? An online gaming company no less?! I’m not sure what the issue is, but shouldn’t there be some sort of business continuity plan in place so this sort of thing doesn’t happen–especially during the critical launch week. Truly inexcusable.

Will I never understand the sensation of Pokemon go? Will I ever understand how people could become so a enamored by those weird looking cartoons that they lose touch with and common sense? My guess is “no”. You see, when a business goes “down” for a significant period of time, there are implications and they often don’t recover.  To boot, I’m sure it is just a matter of time before Pokemon go gets the pants sued off them because the game made them do stupid things.

Did you have a chance to experience Pokemon go before the servers went down? If so, talk to me. Please explain the phenomenon!

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