NYC Tech News You May Not Know

by | Jan 22, 2016 | General Tech

With a city as electrifying as the big apple, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the NYC tech news. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

  • NYC is now using face recognition technology at the airport.

In NYC tech news, it was just announced that John F. Kennedy International Airport has started using new face recognition technology. The biometric readers match a person’s face to their passport, which will reduce human error by the TSA. According to Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, Gil Kerlikowske, the images will be deleted unless it is determined additional enforcement action is needed. The technology unveiled on Tuesday, January 19, 2016. Click for more information on NYC’s new face recognition technology.

  • The NYC subway system to feature WIFI by the end of the year.

NY’s governor has committed a whopping $8 billion to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in order to bring the internet underground.  The plan was announced last week as an effort to “modernize and fundamentally transform”  one of the world’s busiest rapid transit rail networks.  According to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, “This is about doing more than just repair and maintain — this is thinking bigger and better and building the 21st century transit system New Yorkers deserve.” Click for more information on the renovation plan.

  • Free WiFi coming soon! But is it safe?

Earlier this week, the first of New York City’s public Wi-Fi hubs went live. Eventually, there will be close to 7,500 such hubs spread across the five boroughs, all equipped with charging ports and tablets for web browsing.  Once complete, it will be largest public municipal Wi-Fi system in the world. So far, all good news. Of course, with a public Wi-Fi network this big, there will be security risks. For example, if malware were planted on the network, it would be catastrophic and quite possibly spread the infection to any device connected to it. We’ll need to watch and see how the city addresses the risk. Click for more information on NYC’s free WiFi hubs.

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There you have it, the absolute latest in NYC tech news. Stay tuned and stay informed.

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