Killer Marketing for MSPs: Tips for a Stronger Business

by | Jun 10, 2016 | General Tech

Marketing for MSPs Made Easy

Marketing for MSPs or for any category can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be. With just a few tips, you and your business can be on the way to increasing your web traffic, which will increase your leads and ultimately increase your client roster–and the bottom line.

So, here we go:

  1. Marketing (and marketing budgets) comes in all shapes and sizes. If you are promoting a small to medium-sized business, chances are your marketing mix doesn’t include the :30 TV spot AND THAT’S OK! There are plenty of ways to gain the attention of your target consumer without mass media. Modern marketing uses traditional tools, the Internet and new media, to form a hybrid approach. Be creative. Think about all the different touch-points, many of them with a lower out-of-pocket expense: inbound marketing via content generation, social, PR, email campaigns, search. . .and the list goes on.

    2. Develop content (and make it good). This is extremely important. Do some research on what your target is looking for and put pen to paper. Good content can go a long way. For example, 1. it will help improve your Google ranking, 2. it can be “gated” in an effort to grow your database and 3. if others share it or re-use it within their content, you will gain increased exposure, but also earn valuable backlinks that will reinforce your business as an authority. . .and back to point 1, improve your google ranking.

    3. Hire someone (to do what you cannot). Whatever that may be. Perception is reality so your business may offer kick-butt products and services, but if they website looks lackluster, chances are you will be dead in the water. Or, you may be the only company to offer X product or service and you even have a great website, but if don’t know a thing about SEO, no one is going to find you! Put your ego aside and identify what you don’t do well, and outsource accordingly. There are great resources like Upwork, where you can get freelance help for just about anything.

    Want other tips to make marketing for MSPs easy? Tune in to this awesome FREE webinar: Marketing Made MSPeasy: Effective Marketing Tips for MSPs from MSPs. It’s Tuesday, June 14th @ 2PM EST. We’ll see you there!

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Tracy Rock is the Director of Marketing at Invenio IT. Tracy is responsible for all media-related initiatives as well as external communications—including, branding, public relations, promotions, advertising and social media. She is one busy lady and we are lucky to have her!