3 Tips to Get Managed IT Support For Your Business Today

by | May 23, 2012 | General Tech

Managed IT Support is Key

You might have a passion for cooking, knack for fashion or be a real estate mogul in the making. Wherever your dreams and entrepreneurial spirit take you, you’ll quickly learn you can’t do it all. . .not only because things like databases and financial systems will be out of your comfort zone, but also likely beyond your capability.

When it comes to technology and the success of your business, it’s best to call in the IT professionals. Sure you can try to handle some of the basics yourself or you can say a daily prayer to the computer gods that your technology cooperates, but that’s probably not the best long-term solution and more importantly, it’s not the best use of your time. As a business owner, you’re guaranteed to see a much stronger ROI putting your energy into honing your product (or service) and separating yourself from the competition. Your computer network needs to be supported and monitored each and every day: morning, day and night to keep things seamless. Do yourself a favor and get the help you need–get managed IT support.

How to find the right Managed IT Support technology partner:

1 – Learn from your fellow business owners. Ask around or check blogs and small business forum sites to gain insight on options for managed IT support in your area.
2 – Think about what you need. Are you looking for basic support with hardware and servers or could you benefit from strategic IT planning to help create efficiencies and grow revenue?
3 -Consider the fit. Just like any hire, you’ll want to make sure your possible partner “gets” your business and knows your objectives. You should be looking for a consultant who can boil down the technical stuff and speak to you in a language that you understand–English.

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