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by | Apr 8, 2016 | General Tech

The emerging business technology trends.

Technology changes quickly and you need to keep up for the sake of your business. Here is a snapshot of some of the interesting business technology trends we’re seeing right now.

Businesses will invest in technology this year

According to the survey, 20 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are planning to invest in technology this year, including new tools and technologies.

Besides tech investments, SMEs are also looking to invest into marketing (17 percent), the development of new products and services (18 percent), and skills (22 percent), with each investment having a digital focus.

“SMEs are progressively realizing that failing to invest in digital technologies could result in them being left behind by competitors or new entrants to their industries,” warned David Thomson, CEO of Close Brothers Invoice Finance. “They need to start seeing digital as an opportunity to acquire new customers, grow market share and move into new areas – but also to enable efficiencies that will reduce costs.”

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New Intel initiatives for small business technology shared

Intel Corporation, best known for the speed of its processors used in many computers, tablets and smartphones, is unveiling a new set of products for small business owners. Chad Constant, director of marketing and business for Intel, says the company has designed a solution available with its latest generation of core processor. Called Intel Small Business Advantage, it’s designed to relieve the business owner of the need for a dedicated IT division. Interesting, but will it work?

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And, that’s  your business technology news for today. Stay tuned for more trends in technology.

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