Prepare your Business. Winter Storm Jonas is on his way.

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Business Continuity

Winter storm Jonas is coming, weather your business is ready or not (see what I did there?)

According to all the tri-state weather channels, there is a double-digit snowfall with white-out conditions headed to the north east and mid-Atlantic regions–say hello to Winter Storm Jonas. Experts expect many major roads to be impassable and businesses to shut down–starting Friday afternoon and going into Sunday afternoon. That’s up to 48 hours of winter dumpings. That said, now is the time to prepare you and your business for the potential Snowageddon.

This is what you can do to help create a safe and productive environment for both employees and clients alike:

1) Offer and Encourage Telecommuting: Most winter weather-related deaths occur in the automobile so if employees generally commute by car, encourage them to take their laptops as well as any relevant documents home tonight. Weather reports tend to shift and you’d rather err on the side of caution, both for their personal safety and to keep business moving.

2) Have a “disaster recovery plan”: For starters, employees must have remote access to files. In addition, you must verify that all files are properly backed up and stored both in the cloud and off-site.  Client data must be easily recovered should there be physical damage to a server or a power issue. In addition, communicate a “working” plan in advance of the storm as well as establish a means to communicate should key employees be working from home. You want business to run seamlessly from any remote location.

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3) Prepare to go dark: With heavy snow and winter conditions, power may go out. Your office space may (hopefully) have a generator to keep key functions up and running, but your employees may not have the same luxury at their home office. That said, consider distributing extra batteries that can be used to charge work devices to mitigate any real downtime. Remember, your clients may not be on the east coast and may expect business as usual.

So, now that the workplace is covered, make sure you bundle up and stock up on hot chocolate–it sounds like Winter Storm Jonas could sideline us for a couple of days.

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