What’s new this week: Technology News and Innovation

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Business Continuity

Do you know what is happening in the world of technology news and innovation?

Here are a few of the stories about technology news and innovation that caught our eyes for the week of March 21, 2016.

Technology is changing the way we use banks

 We all know technology changes the way we use banks, taking many pain points out of personal banking. By 2014 more than half of smartphone owners were using mobile banking.  However, in a time when you can transfer funds with a fingerprint, how do you keep that personal relationship between a customer and a teller? How do you evolve the brick and mortar banks of yesterday? Watch this video, some of it will surprise you.

Malware and iOS? No one is safe

Yes, you have read correctly. Malware and iOS are getting to know one another. Thanks to Apple’s superior app vetting process, the ever-popular iPhones have been nearly impossible to penetrate in the past. That said, the security company Palo Alto Networks announced it found a Trojan that exploits flaws in Apple’s DRM, which has been coined as “AceDeceiver.” Read more about the malware here.

Technology could solve longstanding problem of separating gas from water

When oil and gas are extracted from the earth, water also comes to the surface. Known as produced water, it contains naturally occurring hydrocarbons, salt, bacteria, radioactive material and other compounds, as well as any chemical additives used to ease extraction. With funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), FloDesign Sonics, a small business based in Wilbraham, Massachusetts, has developed a new, efficient that can help clean produced water.  To learn more about how this new technology could be change our world, click right here.

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Technology news and innovation is happening all of the time, making it hard to keep up. No worries, it’s our passion at Invenio IT and we’ll keep bringing it to you.

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