What are the odds of disaster striking your business today?

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Business Continuity

Odds of a disaster striking your business are greater than the Syracuse Orange winning the 2016 Men’s NCAA tournament.

Something may not be expected or be considered extraordinary, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. That’s exactly what happened this year in the NCAA tournament and what can and will eventually happen to your business. The odds of a disaster striking your business are greater than you think.

While completely illogical and absurdly improbable, the Syracuse Orange basketball team is facing off against North Carolina for the right to play for the national championship. Now, let’s just go over the facts:

1) Syracuse was a “bubble team”. A bubble team that many argue should not have even been invited to the dance with its lackluster 19-13 regular season record, especially given it lost 5 of its 6 final games before tourney. What’s more is that every other single time in program history that Syracuse was on the bubble, the committee looked the other way and gave the Orange the big squeeze.

2) The odds were and are not in their favor.  As you likely already know, Syracuse is the first-ever 10-seed to make it to the final four. And, what’s potentially even more telling is that Vegas is pretty concerned with the historic run. You see, back in January, the odds of Syracuse winning the championship were a paltry 1,000 to 1–and should that come to fruition, the payout for one $100 bet will be upwards of $100,000–ouch. Jay Kornegay, vice president of race and sports at the Westgate and a 20-plus-year Vegas veteran, said he could not recall a 1,000-1 bet ever cashing.

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3) The masses (as well as the broadcasters) are rooting against them. Most of the time, people seem to root for the underdog. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Notable sports broadcasters Seth Davis, Dick Vitale and Doug Gottlieb have been very vocal against the Orange–discrediting their tournament wins and calling them lucky round after round, with much of the masses sharing their “love” all over social media. I guess since Duke lost to Oregon in the Sweet 16, the nation needs another ACC villain to make them feel better. And, BTW, I’m pretty sure Seth Davis picked Duke to dominate that game. Clearly the guy needs some help with his brackets next year. . .or stop being so biased toward his alma mater.

So, what’s the moral of this NCAA basketball cinderella story?  The unexpected and improbable do happen, it is just a matter of when–and the odds of a disaster striking your business are higher than Syracuse playing in the championship game on Monday night.  With that said, let’s go ORANGE!

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