Massive meltdown – Perplexed United Airlines Offline again?

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Business Continuity

United Airlines Offline? Totally unacceptable. But it gets worse.

So, I am going to preface this post by saying I am on hold for the second day in a row and quite upset. I had (or shall i say have, since the transaction remains incomplete) to book a last minute ticket overseas. Not only have airlines done away with any sort of small bereavement discount and charge you for an infant to sit in your lap, but now they are trying to charge me for their ineptitude and that’s where i draw the line.

You see, it’s 2016 and i would be happy to book my ticket online. However, as you can see by the screenshot above United Airlines was experiencing some technical difficulties yesterday. While I work in technology (and specialize in business continuity), I know this is completely avoidable. I know there are ways to minimize downtime so that your consumers can barely detect a blip.

However, I needed the exorbitantly ticket so I called the 800# to reserve my travel. The transaction took a little over an hour. I’m not quite sure why, but the associate was pleasant and I appreciated that. Flash forward 24 hours, I never received the confirmation of my reservation and I’m a little concerned that I would end up SOL at Newark Airport with my infant son.

So, I call back my friends at United. I wait. I speak with someone who says my baby is not on my reservation. Ok, that’s scary, but at least it is being rectified. She proceeds to update the reservation and takes all my payment information (again). However, after I approve the cost, states that she will be charging a booking fee. Oh no, you aren’t. I remind her of my journey to purchase these tickets: United Airlines offline, error by previous associate, insane transaction time. . .but she didn’t seem to care. That’s when I declared I needed to speak to a manager.

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The Resolution?

One hour and three minutes later, I’d like to say they resolved the issue, BUT all I can say is they dropped my call. Time to evaluate your technology, United. SHAME ON YOU!

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