Tapes barely worked in 80’s; it’s definitely not right for BDR

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Business Continuity

Manufacturing Company Takes BDR to the next Level with Datto

We love BDR success stories, especially when we are a part of them. One of our clients, Matthew Fex, the IT Systems Administrator at the leading manufacturer of high-quality measuring tools, Johnson Level & Tool, recently talked to Datto about his experience and this is his story.

One major pain point for the IT professional was the process of recovering files when employees accidentally delete them, which was becoming a regular occurrence. Says Fex,“There was more than a couple times when someone would come up to me and say, ‘I accidentally deleted this file off the file server 2 weeks ago.’ I’d have to explain to them that, unfortunately, you’re not going to get that back.” The company’s previous solution relied on an aging tape drive system, which made recoveries difficult at best. Not only did the correct tape have to be found and mounted, but a small amount of tapes meant that, after 7 days, you were out of luck. “This coupled with the fact that our only off site storage was a lunchbox taken home nightly with yesterday’s tape led me to look at more modern solutions,” says Fex.

Fex went straight to Google and started searching. Many of the solutions he found were very expensive. As a small-to-medium sized business, Johnson Level needed a solution that matched its size and IT budget. Then Fex came across Datto.“There are many options in the SMB backup space, but Datto quickly rose to the top of my list, having many desirable options at a price point that even our CFO thought was reasonable,” says Fex.

Datto partnered the company with Invenio IT, a NYC-based IT services company specializing in data protection and disaster recovery. “Invenio IT dove into what we needed out of a backup and a BDR solution rather than trying to fit our business into the confines of an off-the-shelf system,” says Fex. After evaluating the manufacturing company’s needs, Invenio IT proposed upgrading from Tape/RDX with BackupExec to the Datto SIRIS 2.

Since implementing the Datto solution, Matthew Fex no longer stresses out about occasional employee slip ups. “Before Datto, I had to go through this entire line process. Now, whenever I get the call that a file has gone missing, I know that I can have it back on the job quickly and without any headaches. It’s simple, it takes minutes and I don’t have to go anywhere or go through any difficult processes.”

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Datto has improved the company’s process for backing up. “Before Datto, I’d have to physically walk into our server room and switch tapes out. I had to take those tapes home with me just in case something happened. Now I know our daily backups are safely sitting out in the cloud ready for me to grab if necessary. I don’t have to think about it. Every hour on the hour they all back up. I don’t have to sit home at night and wonder: Did we really back up today?”

He also feels confident in the face of hardware failure, malware or natural disaster. “Should anything catastrophic occur, I sleep soundly knowing that we can recover our servers to new hardware in the event of a physical failure or even virtualize in the cloud until we get back on our feet.”

Matthew Fex found the solution he needed at the price he could afford. “I feel like we are getting a solution that covers all the things that these $20K, $50K, $100K solutions cover, but for a fraction of the price. The fantastic Datto SIRIS, coupled with the helpful folks at Invenio IT has let me stop worrying about my backups and disaster recovery plans to focus on more important things, such as my morning coffee and keeping users from destroying the file server before lunch.”

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