Lesson for the Day: Why Tape Backups Suck

by | Nov 17, 2015 | Business Continuity

It’s one thing to hear tape backups don’t work, but to experience it first-hand is a whole other story.

You hear the tales, see the statistics, but yet stay complacent with your “tried and true” back up method–tapes. Yes, at one point in time, tape backups were the best option available to backup critical data and operations, but those days are well behind us. If fact, did you know that ALL tape backups fail at some point in time?  Tape backups have an average 100% failure rate.

And, that is what our latest prospect (hopefully, soon to be client partner), learned the hard way. Last week, the company experienced data loss in two of their locations–they immediately went to their backup tape solution only to find out that there was nothing there to restore. Needless to say, they are looking to upgrade their technology–and fast.

So, why do tapes have such a poor track record these days? For starters, it is very common for tape drives to malfunction without any warning, giving you false hope that you have a backup, but then making it impossible to recover your data.

For example, if a tape becomes corrupted, your data will be lost for good. There are many reasons a tape backup becomes void. It can be mishandled, suffer from accidental formatting or excessive heat. And, then there are viruses, if a virus destroys the data on a tape drive, your data will be lost for good. Some aggressive viruses corrupt not only the data, but prevent anyone from accessing the data on the drive, so for this reason, (among many others), it’s important to have a solid disaster recovery plan in place for your business.

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Tapes had a place in the day, it just isn’t to-day.  In addition to being terrifyingly unreliable, they are expensive to physically ship and store.

You’ve read the statistics, now it is up to you if you want to be one. Your tape backup solution will fail–it is just a matter of when. Contact us to learn more about upgrading your backup solution.

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