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by | May 18, 2015 | Business Continuity

Who said a woman can’t rock a recovery solution?

It hasn’t always been easy to be a female. However, there have been a few marketers along the way who have blurred the line between advertising and social cause for the betterment of the sex.

First, there was Dove, redefining what it means to be beautiful. Through an unprecedented move they dared to show “real” women, bold and empowered. Then, there was Always inspiring adolescent girls across America through the “like a girl” movement, which aimed to reframe the common phase from insult to empowerment. Now, it is Axosoft, a b2b software development company, following suit—and people are taking notice.

Their “It was never a dress” campaign boldly features the universal stick-figure image of a woman in a dress (think sign on a bathroom door) and represents her as a superhero wearing a cape. As a woman, I think this is absolutely awesome (and brilliant). As a woman in technology, I appreciate what they are doing as a company to help pave the way for myself as well as the next generation of women who follow their hearts into this male-dominated industry. Technology can be a lonely and intimidating place for a female, but thanks to Axosoft and all the tech companies who participate in female-focused efforts like the Girls in Tech conference, it is apparent that change is in the air. Watch out boys, because here we come!

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