Super Bowl Technology. Will it go off without a hitch?

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Business Continuity

There’s new Super Bowl technology, but can they keep the lights on?

Anybody else excited to see what the Super Bowl technology will bring? While the Super Bowl celebrates its half-century of existence, the game (or at least the bells and whistles of it) will feel anything but ancient. This year, the audience will be treated to some new and exciting Super Bowl technology. Thank you, CBS and the tech-friendly city of San Francisco.

A few of the notable debuts include:

A fancy replay system, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. With the implementation of 36 cameras, viewers will be afforded a high resolution, 360-degree view of the action that can animate around or show the action from the vantage point of the player.  The video game-like technology was debuted during the college football championship and the consensus is this is a game-changer.

In addition, officials will now be able to use replays that a network shows when they review a play–which will ultimately impact the way the game is called.

CBS will also be introducing high tech cameras (and microphones) to the goal lines and sidelines with the intention of capturing the true “spirit” of the game. Personally, I can’t wait to hear what the players and coaches are all saying when they think nobody is listening!

What’s more, the network will use the NFL’s Next Gen stats that track how fast and far players run over the course of the day and matchup-based statistics between the players. Now, that’s what we need–more real-time stats!

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So, how do you feel about all the new Super Bowl technology?

New technology with all the bells and whistles is certainly exciting; however, it does not come without risk. The more complicated the technology becomes, the more room there is for hiccups. Think about your car (or any electronics device for that matter)–the more lights and gizmos you have, the more there is to go wrong–and when something does go wrong, it is a big pain in the @ss and wallet to repair.

Personally, I just hope they can keep the lights on this time–and the action on the field is as exciting as the Super Bowl technology. While the new technology and social buzz is certainly exciting, it seems to have taken away from the game itself.

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