Your business will need ownCloud technology to succeed

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Business Continuity

Learn about ownCloud, an enterprise file sync and share solution for your business.

ownCloud is made for the “on-the-go” business like you. Share, access, and synchronize files stored on your SIRIS device from anywhere, using your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

Unlike other file sync and share solutions, ownCloud on SIRIS stores your files and data right on your SIRIS in your local infrastructure rather than relying on a public cloud. It’s more secure because you can set user-level rights and restrictions, and in true Datto fashion it’s all backed up in the secure Datto Cloud for added redundancy and protection of your company’s most valuable data.

Superior security and compliance

By hosting shared files on your own on-premise SIRIS device, your company can avoid inadvertent non-compliance with regulatory mandates regarding PII and other sensitive data. You also eliminate the security risks associated with consumer file sync and share services that use insecure public clouds.

Reliable backup and recovery

By doing all your file sharing and syncing on your own on-premise SIRIS device, you can make sure that all of your business-critical content is appropriately backed up, and synced to the secure Datto Cloud. This reliable backup and recovery safeguards your company’s ability to keep operating without missing a beat—even if it is struck by a disaster, such as a total server failure or major weather event.

Business-class archiving and e-discovery

On-premise file sync and share hosting ensures your ability to retain and find the older files that you may need for your company’s future business and legal needs—regardless of whether the individuals who worked on those files are still with your company or not.

Advanced permissions, tracking, and tracing

Not only will you have the ability to share specific files and give access to specific folders, but you can track and trace who’s

viewed and accessed the files. Complete visibility so you always know when and where a file is accessed or modified. Plus, every version of a file is saved so “mistakes” don’t happen.

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Enable ownCloud on SIRIS

To enable ownCloud on SIRIS on your SIRIS devices, go to your device settings, click on Configure > Global Device Settings, then click Enable ownCloud. It’s that simple. For details on how to sync / backup files and folders to your ownCloud on SIRIS, use the ownCloud Desktop Client. You can find complete documentation for the Desktop Client at

For your phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet, just download the ownCloud app. ownCloud on SIRIS uses the secure Datto Cloud as a relay to enable seamless syncing and sharing right from your device. That means you don’t need access to your local area network.

How does it work?

You already know the good news: you can access your files from anywhere with any device. The better news? No need to VPN into your local network to access the files. While the files are stored on your SIRIS device, we use the Datto Cloud as a relay so you can share and collaborate with anyone.

For example, if you’re a law firm or a financial institution that needs to share files with clients, you can send them a secure access link. And because you can see exactly who is accessing the files, the security is in your control.

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