Not concerned about costly downtime from human error?

by | Apr 15, 2016 | Business Continuity

Downtime from human error accounts for over half of disruptions.

What is more frightening for your business operations than a natural disaster? The answer is simple. Your employees. In fact, it is estimated that as much as 58% of downtime from human error. Yikes, that’s scary stuff.

So, if you have been putting off implementing data protection because you don’t live on a fault line, flood zone or tornado alley, think again. It is far more likely that your beloved employees will do something that will down your servers, than any other type of disruption put together.

Downtime from human error could be caused by a variety of things. It could be as innocent as a physical “butterfingers” moment when an employee trips over a cord, there could be lack of training, extensive turnover, accidental deletions or perhaps there is confusion about responsibility (like a not so comical “who is on first moment”). While there are certainly ways you can look to minimize the impact of human error, the net net is that if you have employees, you’d better plan ahead for downtime.

If your business is one of the many that simply cannot afford downtime, you will need a continuity solution that offers Total Data Protection, which protects data anywhere that it lives. There are solutions available that are able to back up, protect and allow your business to instantly restore accounts and data so business remains uninterrupted–no matter what happens: human error, mother nature, cyber crime, theft, you name it. Right now, Datto is leading the way in intelligent business continuity solutions. You can learn about one of our favorite products here.

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Keep your business moving, no matter the scenario. And, talk to us today about keeping your business safe against downtime from human error . . .or anything else that may cross your path.

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