Master a NAS Roundtrip for Datto SIRIS in simple 12 steps

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Learning the NAS RoundTrip for Datto SIRIS 2

For larger Enterprise Datto SIRIS 2 devices, Datto NAS and Datto Alto XL devices, Datto will likely ship out a NAS unit instead of a USB device for handling the round trip process. A NAS can handle greater storage capacities that a USB device simply is not able to store. This post is meant as a guidance to walk you through the process of performing the NAS Roundtrip for Datto SIRIS 2, as there’s a couple of extra steps involved, compared to a USB drive.
Here are the Steps to perform a NAS Roundtrip for Datto SIRIS 2:
  1. Connect the Datto NAS RoundTrip drive’s power and ethernet.  One ethernet port on the NAS RoundTrip will be labelled LAN and one will be labelled NIC-to-NIC.  An ethernet cable plugged into the LAN port should be also plugged into a switch on the same network as the Datto Device.  An ethernet cable plugged into the NIC-to-NIC port should be plugged into an auxiliary NIC on the Datto Device.  Both can be plugged in as one can choose what interface to sync data through.
    Note: If there is no DHCP server available on the local network then ONLY use NIC-to-NIC.
  1. Log in to the Datto device’s local web console.
    Tip: will automatically detect and load the web console for Datto device(s) on the local subnet.
  1. Once logged into the Datto device’s local web console click on the SYNCHRONIZEtab.
  2. At the top of the page click Start NAS RoundTrip.
    perform rt nas
  3. Once the process has been started, the NAS Roundtrip Wizard will pop up and a welcome screen will be displayed. Click Next.
    Note: Please note the disclaimer. All local and offsite backups will be paused until the NAS Roundtrip has been completed.  This is to make sure that there are no snapshots that are deleted when they are being sent to the RoundTrip. At the end of a backup operation with any Datto Device, it deletes snapshots that are outside of the local retention policy.
    perform RT NAS2
  4. The next screen will display the interfaces of the Datto that can be used to sync the NAS Roundtrip. A LAN connection should always be from eth0 and a NIC-to-NIC connection should always be from subsequent interfaces.  This is a great indicator to make sure that the NAS RoundTrip has network connectivity for any interface.  Once selected click Next.
    Note:If eth0 is used as the interface, the data transfer will happen across the network. This can sometimes cause an increase in 
    Network Latency.
    RT NAS3
  5. Once the interface has been selected, all NAS Roundtrip devices one the same network that that NIC is configured to will appear and be selectable. Select the NAS RoundTrip available and click Next.RT NAS4
  6. The agents and/or Shares protected on the Datto appliance will be displayed on this next page. Single agents or shares can be selected to be transferred to the NAS Roundtrip device. The amount of space that each agent or share will take up is displayed on the right side under Max Space agents
  7. Once the agents and/or shares have been selected, a final reminder will be presented, as well as confirmation that the NAS Roundtrip process is ready to begin.  Enter in an email address to be notified that a RoundTrip has commenced, this should be a group distribution list to make sure that many people get notified in case one person is unreachable.  Once the email has been entered, click Start RoundTrip.
    Note: It is highly recommended to add an email into the field to be alerted of any failures or once it’s been completed.
    RT NAS 5
  8. The page will refresh and a progress bar and a status will populate with updated information.
    Note: The initial process may take a few minutes.
    A more specific status will populate during the transfer of the data, as well as the progress.RT NAS 6
  9. Once the operation has been completed successfully, there will be a confirmation displaying when the latest NAS Roundtrip has been successfully completed.
  10. At this point, the NAS Roundtrip should be sent back immediately to minimize the amount of snapshots that are generated after the RoundTrip has been successfully processed.
    Note: Local backups and offsite synchronization will resume after the NAS RoundTrip has completed.

And, that’s it! Now, you can perform a NAS Roundtrip for Datto SIRIS 2. Contact us with any questions.

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