Invenio IT and Superstorm Sandy (how our clients survived)

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Business Continuity

IT and Superstorm Sandy: friend or foe?

The answer? IT and Superstorm Sandy (or any natural disaster for that matter) need to go hand in hand. Hurricane season has long instilled fear into businesses along the Gulf coast. They would worry about losing electricity as well as phone lines going down and disrupting business.

However, due to changing weather patterns and the way business has evolved, it’s more than just those in the traditional hurricane zones that need to prepare. What’s more, a responsible business continuity plan goes well beyond having a backup power source and telecommunications. Today, organizations must also be concerned with protecting their data, recovering it and recovering it quickly. While larger businesses tend to have disaster recovery plans in place, many small and medium-sized companies often do not.

When Superstorm Sandy devastated much of Manhattan and its surrounding areas. Invenio IT had lost power, servers were down and we were under water–literally. However, many of our clients were not local and were unaffected by the storm. Sure, they were watching the news and were understanding, but our clients’ business needed to go on and therefore so did ours. While the physical office space was inaccessible for many, we had a business continuity plan in place to get our servers and data restored quickly so that we were able to continue servicing our clients remotely.

Of course, we are an IT company, focused on business continuity, so it makes sense that we had a disaster recovery plan in place. However, the truth is every company needs a backup plan. Businesses today rely on technology–on their servers, their applications and their data—to service clients. While not ideal, businesses can replace the physical stuff such as offices and equipment, but the IT infrastructure is another story altogether and no insurance or praying will bring it back once it is lost.

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As technology continues to advance so do options for backup and recovery solutions. For example, in the past, restoring data in a matter or days or weeks was accepted as the norm. However, to keep up with the demand of business, solutions were developed to allow for data recovery within minutes—even if your office is impaired or inaccessible. So, IT and Superstorm Sandy or any other superstorm to come our way need to work hand-in-hand.

It has been 3 years since Superstorm Sandy rocked the east coast: what have you learned? Click to learn if your company’s backup plan is prepared to weather the storm. Or, contact us for help with your business’ continuity plan.

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