Intelligent Business Continuity Solutions and the Assembly Line

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Business Continuity

Adding Intelligent Business Continuity Solutions to the Assembly Line, will help your bottom line.

At Invenio IT, we believe intelligent business continuity solutions in the manufacturing industry is crucial.

“Manufacturing companies are under enormous competitive pressures and face skyrocketing healthcare and labor costs. Downtime, where a manufacturing company cannot continue to operate, produce and ship orders will result in devastating effects on the bottom line. Intelligent business continuity solutions that allows companies to continue to produce work orders & shipping tickets can be the difference between a successful year and one that ruins a division  or company.” -Dale Shulmistra, Principal & Co-Founder

As a manufacturer, you’re producing real, tangible products each and every day. Your company’s ability to produce high volumes at low costs can determine where you fall among your competitors. In the age of technology,  your equipment relies heavily on the computers configuring their behavior.  What would happen if those systems became compromised? How long could  you afford to halt production?

In the Manufacturing industry, downtime comes with costs from all directions.  If production stops, you’ll likely be paying a lot of employees who are standing  around, waiting for a solution. The inability to fill quotas can impact sales.

This can also damage your reputation as customers are unable to place orders. Like any other business, manufacturers are vulnerable to fire, flood,  severe weather, power outages and any other calamity that could take  systems offline and/or wipe out valuable data. Additionally, there’s the risk of  human error that comes into play, which is when your own employees make  mistakes or take malicious actions. For manufacturers specifically, the loss of  intellectual property data can greatly hamper a business.

While you may be taking some precautions, such as securing and backing  up your sensitive data, sometimes that’s not enough. There is a common misconception that data is safe if backed up once a day, but this outdated  practice is no longer sufficient for several reasons:

  • If you forget to perform the backup or the backup process fails, you’re not protected.
  • If you only back up your files once a day, you’re left vulnerable to the loss of an entire day’s work.
  • If you don’t properly validate your backup files, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise when you actually try to use those files to restore your company’s operations.
  • If you only back up your files on-site, you could lose them too—leaving you with no way to restore production.
  • If you only back up your raw data, rather than all your application and server configuration files, it could take several days to restore your practice —because you will also have to rebuild your servers, operating  systems, applications, etc.
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Some manufacturers are turning to business interruption insurance to cover the costs to rebuild, restore, or regain lost income. However, while an  insurance provider may write you a check for the cost of a server that gets damaged because of a broken pipe, it won’t shield you from damaged or lost client relationships. Ultimately, your reputation isn’t something for which you  can easily be compensated.

Business continuity describes a complete solution for backup and disaster  recovery. A true business continuity solution will protect data on-premises and in the cloud. Whether data is on servers or in SaaS applications, it needs to be backed up. Business continuity goes a step further and offers you the ability to restore your data, which we call disaster recovery.

Whether a business is faced with a natural disaster, or one man-made, a strong solution will have you up and running in minutes. Solutions that leverage the hybrid cloud can guarantee a quicker restore time as well. Why?  Local backups are great to keep data stored on local devices, but if something  happens to that device, then what? A hybrid cloud backup solution takes an initial backup on a local device, and then replicates the backup to a cloud  server. Cloud-only solutions are not as reliable on their own due to bandwidth issues. A hybrid model works to alleviate the vulnerabilities by implementing  both processes to fill in the gaps. That’s what we call intelligent business continuity solutions.

It’s time to safeguard the credibility of your practice the same way you safeguard the credibility of your clients. Contact us today to make sure intelligent business continuity solutions are part of your business plan.

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