Hillary Clinton’s email woes have gotten worse [synopsis]

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Business Continuity

Just went you think Hillary Clinton’s email debacle is old news. . .there is a new chapter.

By now, you’ve likely heard that Hillary Clinton’s email woes have gotten worse. Despite her declarations of innocence and best efforts to downplay and dismiss the issue, the pesky topic of whether or not Ms. Clinton used a private server to send and receive classified information during her tenure as the Secretary of State is re-rearing its ugly head.

While Hillary and her team have maintained the party line that she is a victim of an overzealous intelligence community over-classifying information, that came to a screeching halt on Friday when it was discovered the State Department also found highly confidential information on Clinton’s server–ouch. Not a good way to go into the Iowa presidential nominating caucuses today.

Regardless, there doesn’t seem to be a very clear consensus on whether Clinton broke the law. For example, there are many who concur with  Hillary’s “no big deal” stance. According to ABC’s analysis, she did not break the law (at least from what we know today)–despite disregarding established government procedures.


However, there is certainly a different opinion floating around. One that could land her in jail. According to Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, the youngest life-tenured Superior Court judge in the history of New Jersey, Hillary Clinton could very feasibly face espionage charges for two reasons:

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1) The failure to safeguard state secrets is a crime–no ifs ands or buts. It doesn’t matter if it was an accident or a result of lackluster technological know-how.

2) As secretary of state, Ms. Clinton signed an oath that acknowledged received a full FBI briefing on the lawfully required care and keeping of state secrets. Therefore the “I’m sorry, I didn’t know any better” really cannot fly.

Regardless of where you stand on Hillary Clinton’s email debate, it will be interesting to see what unfolds next. We always knew the truth would come out about those “deleted” emails because she had a Datto and Dattos don’t just lose emails–not even when a presidential hopeful wishes them gone.

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