Why some have Datto. And, and others get seriously screwed.

by | May 16, 2016 | Business Continuity

Technology can save the day. . .for those who have Datto. The tale of two healthcare organizations.

Technology can make or break your business. There are literally two types of businesses: ones that have Datto and ones that do not. Here is the story of two healthcare organizations.

Let’s start with Pediatric Home Service (PHS), an independent children’s home health care agency, who is dedicated to helping kids with medical complexities live as fully as possible – at home, with their families, rather than in the hospital. The nurses literally work 24/7 and need to access medical records off-site, at a moment’s notice. In addition to be being accessible, the data needs to be protected. Any lapse in servers or lost data can have dire consequences for both the health of the children as well as the organization.That’s why PHS chose Datto to protect their organization–because with Datto, data is protected everywhere that it lives and recoverable in as little as six seconds.

On the other hand, there is the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. They, unfortunately did not have Datto protecting their organization, and made headlines earlier this year for the wrong reason. Instead of learning about all the patients benefiting from the facility being open, we learn that it essentially had to shut down for ten days because its systems were hacked and there was no business continuity plan in place. What’s more, the hospital had to fork over close to $20,000 in order to regain control of their computer system. Sadly, the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center is far from an anomaly–just a few weeks later two other hospitals in southern California were hacked. However, what is unique is that it made the news and the “data hostage” situation played out for the nation to see.

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The need for data protection and intelligent business continuity is real. Decide for yourself if you want to be one of the businesses that have Datto or that does not. Contact us if you want to protect your business with Datto.

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