Happy World Backup Day from Invenio IT!

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Business Continuity

Did you know today is world backup day?

We know, there is a day for everything. And, while national toothache and bagel day are quite comical, world backup day is not. Backing up your data today–and everyday–is serious business.

While we often post about the importance of backup for businesses, let’s not forget outside of “9-5”, we all have data too. In addition to work documents, we have pictures, videos and contact information that isn’t just valuable, but can be priceless. Here are some important statistics for you to consider on this World Backup Day.

– Hard to believe, but 30% of people have never backed up

– Hold the phone. 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute

– Ooops. Butterfingers. 29% of disasters are caused by accident

– Call the (computer) doctor, because 1 in 10 computers infected with viruses each month

Now, what can you do to protect your precious movies, songs, photos and resume? Here are three tips:

1) You can save them on an external HDD.

That’s pretty simple. The hardest part is to make sure that you are saving regularly and organizing the content as you go.

2)  Or you can use the cloud for backup

Using a cloud-based service like Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud is even easier. There is no need to manually transfer files over–here the cloud will do all of that for you! And the real beauty with cloud backups is that you won’t need to constantly check if the files are synced. As long as your devices are on a Wi-Fi network, it’ll automatically sync with your preferred cloud backup.

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3) Or better yet, clone your drive

All you need to do is install a cloning software, select the drive and have it mirror everything onto either another internal or external HDD. And, Voila! On both Apple and Windows devices, there are options to clone your hard drive with just a few clicks.

That said, we’d advise that you use this in tandem with a cloud backup service. Then, there is a backup for your backup, just in case it’s needed.

Your friends at Invenio IT hope you all enjoy a happy and stress-free world backup day! Contact us today to learn more about protecting your most important asset–your data.

Tracy Rock is the Director of Marketing at Invenio IT. Tracy is responsible for all media-related initiatives as well as external communications—including, branding, public relations, promotions, advertising and social media. She is one busy lady and we are lucky to have her!