Countdown to 2017 with 17 of our favorite posts

by | Dec 27, 2016

Check out our favorite posts of 2016

The countdown to 2017 is on and we’re celebrating by counting down with seventeen of our favorite posts from 2016. Here we go:

17) 6 tips to be successful in (any) business

We’ve had a great year and we love this post because it outlines some of our key tenets to success. While we are in technology, the same principles can be applied to just about any business segment from retail to hospitality and beyond. Looking to be more productive? Check this out.

16) 9 easy steps to reducing cloud budgets

This is a great resource from anyone looking to find ways to cut sky-rocketing cloud computing costs. Here you can find tips on what you can do as well as your colleagues and technology vendors. Sometimes, it takes a village.

15) Datto makes big stride in combatting ransomware

Datto adding ransomware protection to the SIRIS 3 is an industry first, and that’s why it makes the list. The feature will notify administrators if ransomware is detected, allowing them to revert to a backup before the ransomware hit in an effort to save business downtime and avoid the ransom. This is huge news–and truly a necessary offering for businesses as the threat of cybercrime multiplies.

14) Technology You Need to Avoid a HIPAA Violation

Businesses that violate HIPAA guidelines are fined anywhere from $100 to $50,000 per violation, even if the violation was an accident. If the same violation occurs with 12 months, the fine jumps up to $1,500,000. And, that is why this post makes the list. Read it and learn about the technology that can help your institution avoid HIPAA violations.

13) The new Datto SIRIS 3 Specs are mind-blowing (updated)

Datto has made the SIRIS 3 the biggest, most exciting update yet. This post covers everything you need to know about the Datto SIRIS 3 specs following the big announcement at DattoCon 16.

12) Datto vs Dropbox: there’s a clear winner

Storage providers are competing with one-another to provide the best possible services to those who need to be able to store large volumes of files. One option that recently hit the market is the Datto Drive, and they have a great deal to offer (highlighted in the blog).

11) Here’s an example of a disaster recovery plan that works

We often blog about the importance of a business to develop continuity plans and have even been known for sharing an example of a disaster recovery plan or two. However, we like this story because it is a happy ending about a company that experienced a true, unexpected disaster and recovered as a result of their excellent business continuity planning.

10) Protect from Ransomware: 6 awesome tips to prevent an attack

Ransomware is rampant. Who doesn’t need a few tips to thwart attacks? Enough said about why this is one of our favorite posts of the year.

9) Massive meltdown – Perplexed United Airlines Offline again?

This reminds me that every business (big or small) is susceptible to technical meltdowns and need to be prepared with a business continuity plan. United isn’t the only airline making headlines for the wrong reasons. Delta and Jet Blue have had their own share of public ineptitudes. Don’t be like them.

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8) How to create an ironclad disaster recovery plan for SMBs

When developing a disaster recovery plan, there are a lot of things to consider. There are five items that are required to create a successful disaster recovery plan for SMBs, and you can read about them here.

7) The bad, the ugly, the dangerous types of ransomware

As you know, ransomware is everywhere. It is constantly evolving and new variants are appearing all the time. That said, there are a few common types of ransomware that you should know. You can learn all about them in this post.

6) Datto recruits + HTC Virtual Reality room = an awesome time

I love what I do. However, some days are more fun than others. This post reminds me of a killer day I had at Datto.

5) PHS finds total data protection with new technology

We love BDR success stories, especially when we are a part of them. One of our clients talked to Datto about his experience and this is his story about resting easy knowing PHS has total data protection.

4) What are the odds of disaster striking your business today?

Something may not be expected or be considered extraordinary, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. That’s exactly what happened this year in the NCAA tournament and what can and will eventually happen to your business. The odds of a disaster striking your business are greater than you think. I like this post (a lot), because, against all odds, my team made it to the finals. Go ‘cuse!

3) 5 Tips to Selecting the Perfect MSP Partner

If you are looking to work with an MSP, you know there are a lot of options. Which means, finding a technology partner that complements your business is no easy task. Here is a list of 5 tips that you can use to help narrow down the field.

2)  Do you know the best practices for Datto SIRIS?

We’ve compiled a Datto SIRIS Best Practices based on our experience installing, implementing and supporting Datto SIRIS products for our clients.  You can get them here.

1)  Adorable newborn with side of Datto and business continuity

Hands down, the favorite post of the year. I love this one because I was able to work in the birth of my son to my business continuity blog!

Hope you enjoyed reading our countdown of favorite posts as much as we liked putting the list together. Happy (almost) New Year to eveyone!

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