Delta grounds flights. Happy Monday business travelers.

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Business Continuity

Another airline in the headlines for the wrong reason as Delta grounds flights

Last week I was disgruntled with United and now Delta grounds flights on a Monday morning? For one reason or another airlines seem to making headlines. However, it never seems to be for a good reason. I take that back, JetBlue did do something pretty cool for mother’s day. But they too have had their share of negative press for antiquated technology and ensuing delays. As consumers, we pay a premium today for air travel. There are taxes upon surcharges on top of fees and then they still have the gaul to charge extra for an exit row seat. So, if we’re paying out the nose for a tiny seat without any in-flight amenities, I think it is only fair the airlines do their bestest to deliver on a few things.

I think flying would be less painful with these 3 simple and FREE things:

First off, I’d like to be greeted with a smile. I understand meals at mealtime, pillows and free in-flight entertainment are a thing of the past that my infant son will never know. However, can we please pay a little more attention to customer service? Being pleasant and helpful should be part of the job description–and doesn’t cost the airlines a dollar. When was the last time you were surprised and delighted by a crew member? It seems as though they are just as miserable as the hungry, sardines that occupy the stiff, dingy, overpriced seats.

Next, and this is big. . .can you delay, cancel my flight or give up seat my seat BEFORE I get to the airport. Or at least before I go through the hassle of security? I understand that sometimes it is not possible. However, I bet sometimes it is. For example, last week my flight from Zurich to Newark was oversold. Could they not offer to rebook my flight before I arrived at the airport? When I arrived, there was no seat and still no guarantee that I would make the flight. If I’m not flying standby, I expect a seat or at least do me a solid and save me the pain of going to the airport. I would also like to be greeted by smily, helpful people when that is not possible (see point 1).

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Lastly, i’d like some technology that works. I know we have yet to learn why Delta grounds flights on a Monday morning. However, the likely culprit is old technology and we deserve better than that. The airlines have a duty to safely transport their passengers around the world and to think that they are not required to have the latest technology available is a little unnerving. It’s 2016 and downtime is no longer acceptable. This is certainly not the first airline to experience a technical glitch and I doubt it will be the last.

Hey Delta, we’re open for business today. Contact us if you need a little help in the technology department.

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