Your Success with Datto SIRIS and Invenio IT

by | Feb 19, 2013 | Business Continuity

Getting the best in business continuity with Datto SIRIS and Invenio IT

You have gone through all your homework. You’ve read blog articles, posts, reviews, and participated in Q&A live demos. You’ve come to the conclusion that your business data is important to your success and decided to move ahead with a Datto SIRIS. Okay, so what’s next?  How does this all happen? How will this all work with you and the team at Invenio IT? Will you find success with the Datto SIRIS snd Invenio IT?

One of the first things that we need to understand is the technical level of your staff. Do you have an IT staff in house to be the eyes and ears on-site? Or will we will Invenio IT be taking the role of lead caretaker? Either is perfectly fine, we just need to establish the dynamics of the relationship (which can always change as your business evolves).

Once you’ve made the step to move ahead with your Datto SIRIS, it will take approximately two weeks for the build and testing of your Datto SIRIS unit to arrive at your facility. During that time it’s important to make sure the hard drives on the servers are properly prepped by defragging and repairing with the chkdsk command.  We will also need to address any other server errors. There is a saying in the backup and recovery industry, and especially true when virtualizing backed up images: garbage in equals garbage out.

How about backing up, restoring files/ folders, virtualizing servers, and reporting? How does that all work? Based on your technical expertise, there are a couple of ways that it can work. For the tech savvy client, we can create a user account for you, so you can logon to the device and manage yourself and use us for reference, or you can request for us to handle as much as you wish. We’re always here when you need us, so either way is totally fine. If you decide that you wish to be hands-on, we will provide you with detailed instruction guides on any and all duties/functions of the Datto SIRIS. We will also give you some best practices and ideas to include in your backup and disaster recovery plan. We do have a DR template that we will share with you if needed. We highly recommend that each one of our clients do an actual DR test at least once a year. We find it highly beneficial to iron out all the kinks in advance before data or servers are lost.
Depending upon your level of desired involvement, we will also send you daily reports of actual snapshots that verify if a backup was successful and if a backup image can be virtualized. This backup verification snapshot will also serve as notice if something is fouling up on the actual physical server and needs to be addressed.

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We wish you success and happy computing. Please feel free to contact us with any Datto SIRIS questions you may have.  We are always here to help!

Dale Shulmistra is a Business Continuity Specialist at Invenio IT, responsible for shaping the company’s technology initiatives -- selecting, designing, implementing & supporting business continuity solutions to bolster client operational efficiencies and eliminate downtime.