The Datto Linux Agent kills the OS debate. Period.

by | Jun 23, 2015 | Business Continuity

This round goes to Linux with the recent launch of the Datto Linux Agent.

For well over a decade, techies have pondered the big question: Windows or Linux? Factors like cost, user experience, business software as well as your IT guy’s personal preference all play a role when it comes to selecting an operating system for your business (hey, we all have an opinion). And, there are certainly pros and cons to both. Today, however, is not about arguing one operating system versus the other. This is about the facts and Linux just got major points with an announcement made by one of Forbes’ closely watched tech companies, Datto Inc. Meet the Datto Linux Agent!

Datto has been making waves within the business continuity field since 2007, allowing lost data and downed servers to be restored quickly and painlessly through proprietary imaged-based backup technology and 24/7, US-based support. That said, while many businesses have seen Datto solutions as a welcomed alternative to incumbents like Axcient, Veeam and Unitrends, it was only available for Windows. Now, that has changed.

Last week at the Datto Partner Conference in New Orleans, the Datto Linux Agent was unveiled and it offers a quality of service that surpasses any other backup and recovery option for the operating system. Unlike competing solutions, the Datto Linux Agent features persistent incremental backups, integrated storage as well as cloud replication. In addition, individual file restores and instant local virtualization are provided, features that were unavailable with Linux. Now, even if you aren’t on Windows, you can be up and running within minutes after experiencing any type of data loss—big or small.

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The Linux vs. Windows debate will likely continue for years to come, with the grand champion yet to be crowned. However, for today, we will put that aside and acknowledge the big win for companies utilizing the Linux operating system. Click to learn more about the Datto Linux Agent for SIRIS.

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