Database Backup and Recovery Can Save Your Bacon

by | Apr 8, 2013 | Business Continuity

Don’t Wait! Database Backup and Recovery Can Save Your Bacon?

Chances are 100 percent that you use at least one database on your company’s computer system. In fact, your PC cannot run unless it can access its own database that stores operating, application and data files that are all warehoused within a retrieval, loading and memory protocol. Some computer virus programs sabotage all that with a simple file erasure or corruption that can take everything down by giving the PC a type of frontal lobotomy.

Keeping database backup and recovery on standby

Database programs rely on storing, indexing, manipulating and displaying data that someone has already entered. Even with today’s high-speed and multi-gigabyte storage systems, databases are much the same as in the “days of DOS.” The problem is that your data is vulnerable to loss or corruption and modern database applications contain self-destruct tools that have to be kept out of the hands of the uninitiated. You need a backup and recovery plan if you are going to rely on a database to keep your business up and sizzling.

Action queries can take you down…

Just as the old DOS “DELETE *.*” command could wipe out all the files on a hard drive, a poorly designed or careless database query can wreck your database. Say you have about 20,000 records in a customer database and you want to delete transaction records that are older than seven years. You think, “Aha! I can do that with a simple command:  “delete if date = >1/1/2006.” You execute the query and even check “OK” when the dialog box “Are you sure?” comes up.

After congratulating yourself on your database maintenance expertise, you reopen the database to admire your work. Suddenly the blood drains from your occipital lobe as you discover that your most current database transaction is December 31, 2005! What happened here? In a flash you realize that the cause was that little symbol “>,” which means “greater than.”

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What you should have used was “<,” the symbol for  “less than.” In a moment of dyslexic carelessness you wiped out seven years of customer transaction records! You sit at your workstation as your career flashes before your eyes.

Database backup and recovery to the rescue!

If you have been faithfully backing up your data each day, you could recover from the aforementioned embarrassment that could follow you your entire working career – presupposing you had one after such a mistake. The recovery would only involve restoring deleted data records.

Cloud database backup and recovery is better yet…

Better yet, you may have decided that putting all your eggs in one basket when it comes to protecting your business data was not the way to go. If you opted for cloud for your database backup and recovery, your files are safely tucked into an offsite server. You could even add a spilled cup of coffee and a power surge to the bungled action query and rescue everything with absolutely no loss of anything.

Contact us and we’ll help you shore up your safeguards and database backup and recovery. While we’re at it, we’ll get you set up into the big picture of disaster recovery planning that will someday save your business from going under.


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