Database Backup and Recovery To Secure Your Business

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Business Continuity

Do You Have a Database Backup and Recovery To Secure Your Business?

Your data is critical in maintaining smooth operations of your business. What would you do if your computers were in a fire, or a flood, or just failed? How long would it take to get your business back into operation? What would be the costs in lost revenue and repairs? These questions are important to consider when maintaining easy and continuous business, and they are why you should understand the necessity of a database backup and recovery solution.

You’ve spent months or years building your business as the premiere location for your customers to turn. They have developed a strong sense of following for your business and trust your professional acumen. Your employees are diligent and are proud to work for you. Then, without warning, your computer system fails. The hard drives have seized up and are irreparable, and you have no computer backup. What would be the solution to get back to business as usual?  Database Backup and Recovery to the rescue!

In this scenario, you would have to spend weeks or months sorting through receipts and other paper work to reference every detail and input that data manually back into your database. If you didn’t have the paper source, then there would be no method of recovering your lost data. This is why you should consider a database backup and recovery solution for your data.

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Hardware failures, natural disasters, malevolent behavior are all possibilities on how a database could be lost and would need to be recovered. There are even viruses designed to corrupt databases. This Computer World article describes how the malware “looks for…SQL databases” and “replaces items…with random values or deletes [them].” Why continue risking your business when it is so preventable?

If you would like to consider a database backup and recovery solution for your business, please contact us for more information. We are glad to help.

Dale Shulmistra is a Business Continuity Specialist at Invenio IT, responsible for shaping the company’s technology initiatives -- selecting, designing, implementing & supporting business continuity solutions to bolster client operational efficiencies and eliminate downtime.